Thursday, April 03, 2014

Shepherd see, Shepherd do.

So because I'm really feeling poorly today, I make myself a nice cup of hot tea to have something in my stomach. I set the cup down next to my bed as the dogs walk in. Belle comes over and sticks her snout into the cup, eliciting a rather terse instruction from me to get the hell away from my tea. She wanders off but Murphy, not to be outdone, walks right over, sticks HIS snout in the mug, and takes a freaking lick, then looks at me like Putin punking Obama over the Ukraine.

"I drink your tea. What you gonna do about it?"

Ass-dog. When I'm feeling better...


  1. Hope ya feel better soon.

  2. Anonymous10:05 PM

    Get better soon. and make extra tea

  3. Oh man, now they're tag teaming you...

    1. What burns me is that he saw me chase her from it and then he came right over and took a sip in front of me while looking me in the eye. That was on purpose. But then that's Murphy.

  4. Use much hotter tea next time!

  5. My spanial tried that once in the garden only ONCE she did not like the hot tea tiped over her or the thrown tea mug.