Friday, April 25, 2014

Indianapolis, we are here.

So after a four hour flight to the Detroit area to pick up Aaron of The Shekel, a flight in which I hurried and skipped cool distractions only to find that someone was still not ready to go upon my arrival despite multiple en route texts stating my location and ETA, we drove the last leg by car due to high winds and a generally poor weather forecast for the Indy area. Arriving some hours later, we run into Old NFO in our hotel parking lot, and after checking in, we grab a late dinner with Keads and a new in-person acquaintance: blogger/shooting instructor Bill, known to many as e.IA.ft. And yes, folks, he is as awesome in real-life as he is on the internet.

The night was short, as we were all tired and the pub closed at a ridiculous ten o'clock, so we adjourned for the evening. But we're here and surrounded by class people at the NRA Convention. Now it's morning and I just won another round of "Handhold or not?", that great shower game where one-legged folk get to guess whether things attached to the shower walls in hotel bathrooms are really weight-bearing or just look like it. First prize is that you don't fall on your ass and incur a hefty damage bill for taking down a towel rack or other such faux lifesaver when the wet floor turns treacherous. As usual, I won this round, ann now I'm updating you all while Aaron gets ready. I guess that I don't mind him singing in the shower that much...I just wish that he'd sing something other than Disney show-tunes.

Off to the convention now. Updates to follow. And fear not, the dogs are in the care of a wonderful in-lair dog sitter who texted me and told me that she's survived day one with them. We'll see how that continues to go, too.


  1. I'm trying hard not to be jealous. Enjoy!

  2. Fine, be that way and make up such calumnies as me singing on the shower. Which I do not do Mr Cough much lately.

    From now on, you're Frozen out.

  3. Ah, I know that game! The home edition's second place prize is "Explaining to your friend why you just put a body part through the tile wall, the difference between greenboard and whiteboard and how the homebuilding contractor screwed up, and how we're going to fix this."

    I've only taken second prize twice... okay, okay, three times.