Friday, April 25, 2014

Indy update #1

Breakfast with OLd NFO, e.IA.f.t Bill and two other bloggers of note: Midwest Chick of Non-original Rants and Mr. B of the In the Middle of the Right blog. (Sorry--skill or lack thereof with iPad prohibits me from posting links to anyone's sites so you'll just have to google search them.)

Then after a roundabout game of "Follow the blogger who does not really know where we're going", we arrive at the convention center after accepting our prize for playing: a fairly comprehensive tour of Greater Indianapolis.

But it's all good. We got signed in, met up with Ambulance Driver, bumped into New Jovian Thunderbolt, then saw many cool guns until our first seminar--a lecture on defensive shooting by Rob Pincus.

Yeah, I know that this would be way cooler with pics and links, but my tools are primitive and my skills are lacking. But all will be corrected in time, I promise.

Anyway, break's over. Time to get back out and see stuff and meet folks. More later unless I smash this frustrating iPad.

One note though: if you are one of those folks who feels the need to "express yourself" with a Mohawk or other goofy hairstyle or a face full of piercings, either please don't come here or at least don't give interviews. The media is here and based on what we are seeing, they are going overboard to find every gun owner they can that meets their definition of what the rest of us are like: if they can find a guy who looks like an extra from Duck Dynasty or a roadie from an 80's metal band, that's who they seem to be grabbing as countless normal-looking people pass by. It's meant to be a slur on us to photograph those folks and put them up as our representatives and you freaky-looking people need to quit helping them. If I see one more heavily tattooed guy with big loops stretching his ears so that you could pass a quarter through the hole giving an interview to the local news crew, I just may have to intervene forcibly. Sigh...


  1. Glad you made it there; and I share your disgust at the media's attempts to cast gunny sorts in the worst light possible.

  2. You should have brought Murphy as your service dog. He keeps you calm by projecting your feelings.

  3. Yeah, for some reason her GPS wanted to drive us to the other side of town and *then* to the center of the Circle City.

    I realized that after she DIDN'T go the route I suggested...which was I-70 to the center of town.

    Then it was "Navigate by fairly old memories from when I lived in Indy during my party years...."

    I did get us back on track though...only a 10 or 15 minute tour of the underbelly of Indy.

    Yer really lucky we didn't end up in Cincinnati (or Mars) or or something.

  4. Yeah, us 'normal' folks are ignored every year...