Sunday, June 29, 2014

California travel

My campsite for one night in a state park north of San Diego a couple of weeks ago.
It may not look like much, but the view behind it...
Sounded like ocean all night, too.
The next morning, I had breakfast in encinitas then drove up to Oceanside to look at the ocean while I waited for the shoe stores to open.

Then it was inland, away from the coast and back into the desert again.
And after a couple of hours' driving up twisty, windy roads, I found myself at the crest of a mountain, looking down at the curviest road that made me wish that I'd rented a sports car instead of an SUV. And spread out below, an Oaisis known as Palm Desert, complete with golf courses, lush lawns and fountains.
All around is desert, but thanks to the wonder of modern irrigation, this upscale area thrives in the midst of it.
I spent the next few hours plotting a way to get control of the area's water supply. I could rule this valley of plenty if I could figure that one out...and I'd make every single one of them vote for Conservative candidates next election or else I'd cut the water off.

Ah,'s nice to dream, but back into the desert.


  1. Nice pics, and that drive over to Palm Springs IS interesting... :-)

  2. Thanks for the pics ML!

  3. Hey Murphy,

    Very nice pics. As far as the water goes...if the state EPA has its way along with the FEDS, they are already cutting off or diverting water because of some "endangered critter". So All those liberals will get burned by the very state they worship.

  4. Your pics from the ground are as great as your aerial photos!