Monday, June 30, 2014

Talk about people who need to be careful what they wish for...

So I see this story linked from Drudge yesterday:

Martin Armstrong Warns Civil Unrest Is Rising Everywhere: "This Won't End Pretty"

It's a bit piece that rails against banks and government and points out the global rise in protest and civil disruption and predicts that the really bad times are coming fast if things don't other words, the usual.

But what's interesting is the number of Anarchist fools commenting who appear to gleefully look forward to the collapse of government and the end of the wealthy. They write stuff like this:
It might not end pretty. But it could be the start of a world without governments and violence, which would be wonderful.
Latina Lover
Agreed. What we need is a new world disorder, a decentralized, networked world where we are free to express ourselves, instead of being dominated by political mediocrities owned by banksters.
Is rael simple, folks. Stop confessing to being a citizen of the United States and all your problems go away. ... Go back to the top and take your rightful position as a son or daughter of God on Earth. The Earth spawned you, not corporations. Man spawed the corporation, and the corporation spawned the inanimate corporate United States citizen.

The author of the piece at least gets it in the end when he says this:
This is not going to end pretty. The question is when does society wake up? Just how high will this price be that we have to pay? They will blame the rich and the idiots will cheer – get them. What will happen when there is no more wealth to hunt?

But those posters...they all seem blissfully unaware that if the government disappeared tomorrow, there would be no one to feed them, and perhaps more importantly, no one to protect them or use the power of law to make things "equal" between them and those of us who actually work for a living or run businesses. The posters typify the "Occupy" crowd that we all saw too much of a couple of years ago, and the world saw what happened when they were allowed to gather and form their own little socialist utopias in public parks across the country--almost every one of those gathering spots quickly degenerated into third-world hovel villages where rats, rape, substance abuse, theft and violence were the rule, and soon health inspectors were comparing most of them unfavorably to the slums of places like Calcutta. In short, their idealistic society quickly morphed into a bad copy of Lord of the Flies, only without a conch. They couldn't make it then for even a couple of months with lots of support from labor unions and other leftist organizations that kept them supplied with food, clothing, tents and everything else that they would not or could not provide for themselves, so just imagine how fast they'd die off of the entire government just ceased to exist and there were no more social welfare programs or leftist groups with political agendas willing to keep them propped up.

Reality is that the Anarchist and hard-core Marxist would go the way of the Dodo Bird in less time then it would take to arrange for garbage trucks to show up and remove their corpses. These types are the least capable or working or producing anything and they're the least viable come any sort of large-scale societal collapse. If our businesses all closed down and the owners took their money out of circulation, the ensuing government collapse would leave us almost totally devoid of people who voted for Obama, save for a few rich lawyers, tenured professors and Hollywood types who would no doubt use most of their accrued wealth to hire massive numbers of armed security personnel to keep their ideological brethren away from their mansions and gated communities. But don't take my word for it, Occupiers...just show up at Al Gore's place or Michael Moore's on The Day After and see what sort of reception that you get.

Think about that, leftist losers, and keep it in mind the next time you're tempted to call for the downfall of the banks and the corporations that keep America employed and it's financial engine running. Liberals demanding an end to government makes about as much sense as chickens banding together to get Colonel Sanders elected as President.

Now go bathe, cut your hair and get jobs. Maybe if you develop some skills and a work ethic and put some money away, a few of you might actually make it through the coming fall that you're so eagerly anticipating.


  1. Well said Murph, and on point!!!

  2. Hey Murphy;
    Rant on...Rant on.....and agree with you I do. Now we conservative types will band together to protect ourselves from the thugs and hippies.

    1. Oh, damn straight. Come the day, if it comes around the Lair reeking of patchouli or has it's hair done up in those greasy dreads...well I would not want to be that hippie.

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  4. Those of us who are prepared will find ourselves in a Target Rich Environment.

    Just hope the ammo holds out....

  5. I suspect the posters of such drivel live in their parent's basements, spend their days playing video games, and don't get out much. They clearly have zero concept of human nature. When push comes to shove, dude, your anarchist e-mail pal is going to take the do-nut right out of your mouth.

  6. What's particularly funny (to me) is that these are the same people who proclaim things like, "Give the Libertarians their utopia -- deport them all to Somalia!"

    Not realizing there is a HUGE difference between "small" government (even "minimum" government) and NO government, a la anarchy.

  7. Anonymous12:22 PM

    +1 Proud HillBilly