Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Father/daughter day, Redneck style

Can anything be more heartwarming than watching Cletus spending quality time with little Lurline, bonding as they taunt killer reptiles with their bare feet?

Makes you wonder how long before Cletus is taking his little tobacco-spitter to the prosthetist so she can watch him get fitted for a new plastic foot. Remember, folks...in America today, that guy's vote counts as much as yours and mine. Kinda explains alot, doesn't it?

(h/t alloutdoor.com)


  1. Head and shoulders knees and ....
    Oh heck! Quick get a tourniquet!

  2. There is stupid and BEYOND stupid... And this one is way out in left field stupid!!! Geez....

  3. Cletus gonna lose his feetus.

  4. Boudreaux say "Amos, you betta stop usin' yo' foot fo' alligator bait down on da bayou..."

  5. Anonymous11:16 PM

    This is a cause for mandatory sterilization and lobotomy