Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Stop being on our side, dammit!

Sonic. Chipotle. Chili's. Starbucks. Wendy's. Jack in the Box. Applebee's. What do these restaurant chains have in common?

Well each of them used to have no problem with law-abiding gun owners carrying their handguns, concealed or open, into their establishments. But currently, all of them have changed their policies and barred firearms on their premises either in Texas or nationwide thanks to a small but destructive group of squirrels known as "Open Carry Texas", whose members seem to get off on carying long guns into local businesses and yelling "Hey, look at us!" while snapping pictures and shooting video until the businesses react to the unfavorable attention and just ban firearms on their property. Because of their actions and their boorish behavior, restaurant chain after restaurant chain that heretofore never had a problem with open or concealed carry is now banning firearms. But these window-licking toads show no sign of knocking it off or taking a break and they apparently plan to keep doing this dumb shit until they've got every business in the state--or America--banning guns.

And if that's not accomplishment enough, now they want to publicly lock horns with the NRA, which is trying to rein them in and get them to act like mature adults.

It's official: Open Carry Texas has become to gun owners what the Westboro Baptist Church is to Christians.

If I were a Texan, I'd be organizing a posse of my fellow gun owners to tar and feather every one of these fruit loops before deporting them to California.

Seriously, someone needs to ask these dweebs why, if they want to carry rifles around 24/7, they aren't serving in Afghanistan or anywhere else that we've got troops deployed. They may well offer up a reason but my own guess is that they're too scared to stand against a real opponent but they still want to feel important so they compensate by making a big. blustery stand against other gun owners and private businesses that aren't actually posing any problems. Either that or they're paid operatives for the gun-banning side and they're doing this on purpose.


  1. It IS stupid, and it's Texan, not taxan... Sigh...

    1. Sorry about the typos, man. Trying to blog from work today and the job keeps distracting me.

    2. You let W**K distract you from the neat stuff of life? You must correct that ASAP.

  2. "Either that or they're paid operatives for the gun-banning side and they're doing this on purpose."

    I'm guessing you're on to something, there.

  3. Attention seeking self justified by claiming to acculturate the public to the presence of guns. Its a silly premise that's more likely to alienate the public and generally piss off everyone in general. I've never cottoned to the ideal of wearing a gun to spite the public just to demonstrate a perceived self importance. OC doesn't mean wearing your gun in someone else's face. That's juvenile and reckless, how about winning folks over by demonstrating professional restraint and not rubbing your ass in other folks face?

  4. I've been saying that, and as a Texan, I think I'm going to start saying that publicly. Tell Open Carry Texas, to prove they are not doing this deliberately to foster gun control.

  5. Once is a mistake. Twice is stupidity. Three or more times is enemy frickin action.

  6. From Fox News, quoting Open Carry's response to the NRA, "The more the NRA continues to divide its members by attacking some aspects of gun rights instead of supporting all gun rights, the more support it will lose."
    Sounds like they're defining a course of action. I'm becoming very convinced this is a false flag operation.

  7. Hey Bro. Here's what pisses me off. If one is UNDER 21, it's a No-Go for a Handgun Permit, period,anywhere in the U.S. If one is OVER 21, then if one Jumps through the Hoops, obeys the Law, and gets their Permits, they can CC to their Heart's Content. So we are talking about a pack of 18-21 year olds. After all, No Long Guns under 18, right? So just who are they Protesting FOR? "Open Handgun Carry for All?" Horsemanure. These are bunch of Whiney Punks who can't play Call of Duty in the Real World. And THEY are going to take on the NRA? PHUULEEESE!

    Hey, we have OC here in Ohio. But most of the Time, it's Handguns that are seen. Long guns are either going into or out of a Gun Store or Gun Show, or being unloaded for Hunting from the Vehicles parked along side the Road. Carrying an MForgery on a Single Point Sling in Downtown Cleveland? Dude, the Cops would have you in Jail so fast, in spite of the OC Law, it'd make your head spin. They'll just use the "96 Hour Psych Hold" Loophole. And they did it to a guy last year who tried to OC an M4orgery. Guess what? He cut a deal and ended up coughing up his Gun to stay out of the System. Something about facing "Terroristic Threats" changed his mind.

  8. Hey Murphy,

    Once I read this, the first thing I though of was..."Wondering if bloomburg is bankrolling them. Nothing like tarring the gun owning public with the same broad paint brush...wonder if it is by design.

  9. The statewide OCT website seems to eschew (Gesundheit!) the tactics that two or three of the local affiliates or chapters seem to have embraced. The local groups specifically are at odds with the OCT tenets #2) To condition Texans to feel safe around law-abiding citizens that choose to carry them; and #4)Foster a cooperative relationship with local law enforcement in the
    furtherance of these goals with an eye towards preventing negative encounters. (Italics mine)

    Last year around the time OCT demonstrated, peaceably, at the Alamo, I observed an armed group walking past my business. They seemed to have some diversity: shotguns, bolt actions, 'black guns'. I went out and visited with them for a couple of minutes, and wished them well.

    In the past few months, their efforts seem to have gravitated toward provoking confrontation with some municipal PDs - Arlington in particular, and disregarding common sense in projecting their public image. Quite recently, I met with more than a half-dozen members of that department, of various ranks, in my office, and found them all to be quite competent and professional.

    I had hoped that 2015 would be the year we would actually get an OC bill to the [TX] legislature floor - heck, even the presumptive (D) gubernatorial candidate is supporting some kind of OC. But, the charge that the NRA (of which I've been a Life member for over 20 years) is a puppet to libs and Bloomberg is so absurd that it makes me wonder if juvat's premise is correct - that they're running under false colors.

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    +1 Bubblehead Les