Friday, July 18, 2014

A day at the bench. Loading the .300 AAC round.

Since my stress-fractured foot (the real one, not the store-bought one) is still giving me grief today, I just spent the day with an old pal down the basement, my RCBS Rockchucker press.
Take 300 5.56mm shell casings. Trim them down to roughly 1.370" and re-size in a .300 AAC die. Final trim and chamfer the case mouth and confirm case is 1.368" or thereabouts. Prime the cases and charge them with 16.5 grains of Hodgdon's H110 and seat a pulled 7.62mm 147gr. FMJ ball to an overall cartridge length of 2.10". Presto! new .300 AAC plinking rounds. I just did 300 of them this afternoon.*


And the .300 twins here have fodder for a few more practice sessions at the range.

* Lawyerly disclaimer: This load works for me in MY rifles. It is not represented as safe for YOUR rifle. Consult current reloading manuals before attempting to duplicate.


  1. Nice! A productive day... and not standing on the hurt foot is GOOD! :-)