Friday, July 18, 2014

Belle does the salsa dance again.

So we learned the other night that Belle likes hot picante salsa. Well I just found out how much she likes it when I dropped a whole bowl full of the stuff on the floor last evening. (And yes, there was an anguished scream accompanying this senseless loss.)
By the time that I went and got the paper towels to clean it up, Belle was already in the room, slurping up the potent stuff as fast as she could. Twice I pushed her aside only to have her dive back in again, and I finally had to raise my voice and order her out of the room. Silly dog appears to have consumed about half of the jar and even after I got it all cleaned up she was still sniffing around the floor where the spill was, trying to lick up even a bit more.

I could not eat half a jar of this in one setting, and my eyes still sting just from the clean-up of that wickedly good stuff, but she was just sitting here looking happy and content and trying to get more. I admit it--I was impressed.

Of course a little while later, someone was as sick as a...well, you know. Looks like I'll be renting a carpet cleaner again. I really should just buy one--it'd be cheaper and easier in the long run.

I hope that Belle learned a lesson from this. Maybe this time I'll even learn one. Dogs and hot picante salsa do not mix!
Can I come back in now?


  1. You know...I'm a little surprised that you didn't see the end result coming. I knew before I got to the end of the post that she was going to be sick. The only question was which end or both was going to be spewing.

  2. Heidi likes jalapenos. I figure it's her chihuahua half. Haven't given her the opportunity to try salsa. Who knows what Belle's excuse is.

  3. Anonymous10:05 AM

    I read this quickly (at first) as 'hot dogs and picante sauce'...
    Which can be yummy!


  4. +1 on Daddy Hawk... sigh... I'd have been getting her out on the balcony most skosh quickly...

    1. She was out there for a while. But then I let her back in. Sigh.

    2. No, no! If their digestive system was quiet.. it's being too quiet, in horror movie fashion.

  5. I really would expect revenge from the other end, too.

  6. My dad used to raise German Shepard's. They are great dogs. For some reason, many of his were epileptic. They just soldiered on with it, though, and still led productive lives.

    My old hound dogs and my lab will eat anything we don't. They get a lot of table scraps with their canned and dry dog food.

  7. My old shepherd Jack would eat pickles when he was young, but Wolfgand has pretty middle of the road tastes.

  8. Anonymous7:11 PM

    Oh dear! But it is funny from a distance!