Monday, July 07, 2014

Is it time for us to assemble on the green again?

Last week in Murrieta, California, a band of fed-up Americans blocked buses that the Obama Administration was using to transfer approximately 140 illegal aliens to a facility where they would be housed at taxpayer expense until they could be given hearing dates before an immigration judge--hearings that 90% of them will never show up at once they're released into the interior of our country. These Americans were successful and the buses turned around and left, but reports are now coming out that indicate that federal police with riot gear are heading to Murrieta with the intent to remove the Americans, using force if need be.


So the Obama administration allegedly wants to use force against Americans who object to his efforts to settle illegals in America in violation of current federal law? If so, this brings us perilously close to the point where even your average American has to start questioning this government's legitimacy and right to continue to govern. After all, they're supposed to work for us and enforce the laws passed by our elected representatives in congress. But when we have a president who decides that only his agenda matters and that his will should substitute for the law of the land, we as a nation arrive at a crisis point that has to be resolved, either by our legislators and our courts, or failing that, by us taking back our consent to be governed by this administration. After all, if Barackus Obamaus can just use federal troops to trump our existing laws whenver he decides to do it, where does it stop? Tomorrow does he get to use his personal army to start seizing cars that don't measure up to his fuel economy standards, land that one of his agencies or political patrons covets, or our guns? Are there any limits left on his power and his reach? Obama has already told us that if we expect him to uphold and abide by our laws, we'll have to sue him. and failing the resolve of our representatives to do exactly that, the only option that we have left is to rise as a body and resist with as much force or more as he directs against us. And if he directs force against our fellow Americans in Murrieta or anywhere elese where citizens are objecting to his lawless behavior, we'll all have to decide for ourselves if it's not finally time to step up and emulate our forbears on Lexington Green. Is there another way back from the brink if Obama won't stop and if congress won't stop him, or is it really 1775 all over again?


  1. Today should be interesting in Murietta... We'll see if DHS uses force to block the protesters...

  2. Anonymous10:14 AM

    God, this is frightening!
    Regardless, we should all hang together...


    1. and we probably will all hang together. But that's ok too. We'll be in good company.

  3. All it's going to take is one wrong move. Either by the feds or a patriot and it will be game on. Today could be the second shot heard around the world. Except we won't be fighting England.

  4. Because we are also being blocked by RINOs who value their power and perks more than they value the law, I'm beginning to think it's getting there. BUT it has to be organized. It has to be a situation where thousands, not a handful, stand their ground, because the military and police are so much better armed now. And it has to be made very visible to the rest of the country.

  5. His grand plan is to do as much possible damage to this country in his last days in office as he possibly can. He's got 5 more months and he is going to screw us any which way he can. It's so obvious he just doesn't care about his oath of office anymore (well I should say even less than he ever did really). I have never seen a better case for impeachment than this guy.

  6. It's a positive development that people are starting to stand up to the Feds. The Bundy adventure turned into a debacle for Harry Reid and his hirelings of the BLM. Now this in California.

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  8. The Tories are shamelessly carrying the presidents water on facebook on this issue..

  9. As Mr. Fowler noted - this thing sure looks to have the potential to get interesting in a hurry.

    I mourn for the America of my parents and grandparents, and look in disgust at the bastardized version that my sons and daughter will inherit.

  10. Anonymous11:44 PM

    Lets meet on the Green ASAP

  11. Not quite yet. Let's see how the Anointed One handles the next Congress.

    AND how the next Congress handles the Anointed One.