Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Spud to the Range for Machine Gun Fun!

So what does one do with a nephew visiting from out of town? Why, you you take him shooting, of course.

Here he is trying out the .300 AAC shorty with full-powered rounds and no suppressor.

And here he is shooting it suppressed.

(And yeah...I belatedly caught the lack of safety glasses here and we had a discussion about that.)

Then we moved on to bigger things. Hell, he's been good enough to earn some trigger time on "the Pig".

After that, we put a box of sporting clays down on the 50-yard berm and went "Dueling .22 rifles" on them until they were gone. Here he is with my M&P-15 .22lr. (And yeah, he's got a muddy ass. Boys are supposed to get muddy...even this one.)
And since this is real shooting and not "Call of Duty", he learned some shooting positions today, both prone (above) and sitting (below).
He did great. No clays survived.

Then it was time to try some pistol shooting on the steel plates with the Browning Hi-Power.
He got off to a bit of a slow start here, but surprisingly, as soon as he started listening to what I was telling him about stance, grip, sights and trigger, the plates started dropping like clockwork. Funny how that works, isn't it?
We spent a few hours out there, and he was safe and followed directions. My only real complaint is that when it comes to policing brass, he's the slowest brass-picker-upper I've ever seen. But we can work on that. As far as shooting goes, I'm proud of him.


  1. Fantastic ML! How long will you be having guests?

  2. You gotta be the bestest uncle in the whole damn world!

    At least to Spud......


  3. Outstanding, and yeah safety glasses...

  4. Big tarps and one of those magnets they use to clean up roofing nails make brass cleanup and link retrieval so much easier.