Thursday, September 25, 2014

Dog Behavior.

So yesterday, I'm watching a movie and we're right at the climax at the end. Hero Joel McCrea is going to save soiled dove heroine Yvonne DeCarlo from the villain, and he strides up and forcefully knocks on the villain's door.

Belle and Murphy go positively bonkers, running in from where they'd been sleeping and throwing themselved against the patio door while barking their fool heads off. They'd convinced themselves that someone was outside knocking on our door and there was no telling them otherwise. I had to stop the movie and let them out so that they could see for themselves.


Then, come bed time, for the last two nights, when the dogs come in from outside and head into my room to sleep, Belle has deliberately walked over and flopped down on Murphy's bed, which is only a couple of feet from her own. This totally befuddles Murphy, who just stands there looking at her and then at me and then back to her again. Both times, I've had to get back up and physically move Belle, who resists by going limp on me, forcing me to scoop her up and toss her in the direction of her own bed. WTF? What's motivating this new behavior after ten months of them sleeping together nicely on their own beds without an issue?

It can't be because they're idiots, can it?

Dogs. Sheesh.


  1. Hey Murphy,

    You gotta admit, they are more entertaining than a hamster....

  2. No, they're not idiots. They were worried that you, like Sarge, were losing your muse. Since you mentioned planes, tanks, and Dogs as a suggestion to him, they wanted to give you something to write about.

  3. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Nope. Just dogs.
    Ours go ca-razy at doorbells and knocking - especially from the sound-surround TV.
    It's like Pavlov personified!
    And they were be all territorial over rawhide bones, growling and fighting. Followed up by a nap together when they've worn each other out.
    This sometimes includes the cats!
    Dogs - gotta love 'em!


  4. Anonymous12:13 PM

    They are Sheps... they need retraining after every time they fart

  5. When the dogs are outside, switch the beds around and then see what they do.

  6. One time I installed "Puppy Linux" on an older PC to keep it from going to the landfill.

    Puppy Linux loads with a dog barking, and our two dogs went nuts trying to find the third dog they just knew was somewhere in the house....