Wednesday, September 24, 2014

So the Class 3 race is on.

So fellow blogger The Miller and I are in a race now, it seems. A suppressor race.

He writes about how he is now completing the application process for another suppressor, in this case, an Advanced Armaments Corp. Ti-RANT.

I am also finishing up an application packet for my own, in this case, a Gemtech MOSSAD-II that I nailed, very lightly used, from Gunbroker a few months back for less than half of what a new one would have cost. (The re-sale market for suppressors is pretty soft. If you're contemplating buying one, you should keep this in mind.)

MOSSAD-II and Uzi:

Since both of us are pretty much ready to submit our applications to the folks at the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and explosives, we'll both track the progress of our applications and see who gets theirs back first.

For those not familiar with how to purchase a suppressor (or short-barreled rifle or machine gun), the process is simple:

1. Buy the suppressor (or short-barreled rifle or machine gun) that you want from a dealer that has it. If out-of-state, that dealer must transfer it to a local dealer near you, one licensed to transfer such items.

2. Fill out a multi-page application, in duplicate, and a second form attesting to your US Citizenship.
3. Have your local sheriff sign the form. He's saying by doing so that he knows of no reason why you should not be allowed to has said item.
4. Get two fingerprint cards done.
5. get 2 passport photos taken.
6. Send signed forms, fingerprint cards and passport photos to BATFE along with a check for $200.00

Wait for what seems like forever, then get your new suppressor (or short-barreled rifle or machine gun.)

Now Miller got his going in short order. My process has been a bit more prolonged. I bought mine back in April and paid for it in full. Then I waited until August for it to be sent to my dealer and then found out that they'd had it for a while because the selling dealer didn't put my name on it so my local dealer had no idea who it was for. I got my package started, and got my application in to my sheriff, and he waited two weeks to sign it and then his secretary misplaced it for three more weeks. (I guess they aren't worried about little things like elections.) I finally got it back yesterday and will mail it all out tomorrow. So now we'll see who gets their suppressor first.

Special thanks to all involved on my side already who have wasted so much of my time.


  1. Neat items, but next ti impossible to get approval for in SoCal!

  2. You forgot the part about turning over your first born child to BATF.

  3. I was told that one of the reasons Stembridge Gun Rentals sold off all their Class 3 stuff in the late 90's was that they had dared to allow a bunch of peons (non-Hollywood types) to play with some of it in a class at a shooting school in So CA in '97.
    The second reason was the decision of the LA Council to tax mags and other items they had in inventory. This stupidity drove the Hollywood types to move action films and tv shows to Canada, as they were unwilling to pay the enormous increase in rental fees for the toys needed for shoot-em-ups. It also got them away from the high union labor costs in CA.

  4. If you get yours before I do, I'm gonna be PISSED! Six months and still waiting...

  5. I've been waiting since May for mine!

  6. I got my can today! I WIN!!!

    1. Yep. Looks like you did. Congrats and enjoy it.