Monday, September 08, 2014

Here's a judge who gets it.

Damned shame that he couldn't just give this punk and his pals the death penalty, but still...

Murderer’s unusual sentence: Each year in prison, 1 day alone

To sum it up, five potheads murdered a Korean War veteran because they wanted to steal his guns and sell them to buy weed. The judge in this case just sentenced one of his killers to spend the anniversary of the murder in solitary confinement for as long as he remains in prison so that he can reflect on what he did.

It's because of soulless little bastards like these guys that many of the rest of us keep and train with firearms. Thomas Whitson, the victim here, kept a pistol for protection against criminal attackers, too. Sadly, the threat here came from within as one of the potheads was the vet's own grandson, who snuck into his house and murdered him while he slept. He got life without parole.

Kudos to Judge Knece for not letting anyone forget about the victim here, especially one of his killers.


  1. EVERY day should be in solitary... give him ONE day out a year...

  2. Anonymous2:19 AM

    +1 Old NFO