Tuesday, September 09, 2014

This is what's wrong with our system today.

I spotted this up in Frederick, MD the other day. I actually had to drive around the block and take another look.
Yep. Rather than subsist on basic staple foods, today's welfare recipients can now use their EBT cards to buy shrimp, lobster and crab cakes even though many of the working people whose salaries are taxed to fund those EBT cards cannot afford to buy luxuries like that.

So why would anyone on welfare ever want to give that up for a job that requires them to actually get up every morning and go work 40 hours a week at some job? Heck, it's so much easier to just sit on your couch and watch Oprah on the flat-screen TV while munching fried oysters, knowing that all you ever have to do to keep the free cheese coming is to show up at a polling place every couple of years and cast your ballot for every candidate with a big "D" after his or her name.

This is why welfare needs time limits on it, and/or a requirement that the recipient work or go to school while collecting it, and in the interim, EBT cards that were intended to look like regular debit cards specifically to shield users from any possible embarrassment related to being supported by those around him or her need to be done away with completely. Instead, let's turn their support back over to churches and other charities willing to hand out staple food and clothing and other essentials. Maybe if being on welfare meant making sandwiches from loaves of generic white bread and government cheese and spending your days in job training programs or a minimum-wage job at McDonalds, more people would be inclined to try to leave poverty behind and work a bit harder to obtain a better lifestyle.

But since history has shown us that those who earn their own money tend to vote for those who let them keep more of it, a mass exodus of people off of the welfare rolls could really kick a dent in the Democrat Party's voting base. It's much better and safer for the Dems to just keep giving people free phones and cash cards to buy seafood, and expanding eligibility for those programs to ensure that the people getting something for nothing always comprise more than 51% of the voters in any given area. And it's working. Now all that they need to do is make millions of illegals legal and give them the vote while making them eligible for all of these goodies, and we'll be irreversibly on our way to the sort of country depicted in Atlas Shrugged, a country where only self-deluded fools and suckers keep working and inventing and achieving.

I just hope that it's not finalized before I can retire, buy myself a rural homestead, and get my savings out of the economy.


  1. I discovered years ago how easy the government gravy train can make life - I had neighbors in my condo building who had big screen TVs, solid oak furniture, leather sofas, new cars, and government (read "my money") assistance out the wazoo. The kids by multiple fathers were often being raised by grandparents. I didn't necessarily want their possessions, but I deeply resented being forced to pay for them.

  2. Apparently prohibiting the use EBT to buy luxury goods, steak and lobster would be unfairly stigmatizing welfare recipients, doncha know.

    Neverind its supposed to bear a stigma - youre not supposed to be on it forever and its supposed to be a temporary stop for those down on their luck to get back on their feet, not to enjoy eating lobster on the public dime.

    When did the inmates take over the asylum again? Sigh.

  3. I think we're already in the world of Atlas Shrugged, and it may well be irreversible. I wish that was a mistaken assumption, but ...

  4. Anonymous11:47 AM

    I get offended when I see signs promoting EBT purchases at Jack-In-The-Box.
    One may get much more for their money (and better too) if they make their own food!


    1. Moochel needs to look into that - NOT healthy!

  5. I have a small shop in Rockville where I restore old British cars. Before I fired the credit card company I was informed that I *could* accept EBT cards for payment...Really?

  6. And every day I see dirty streets and highways out here just begging for somebody to come along and pick up the trash.

    Why can't we get these lazy low-life bums to do those jobs?

  7. Yep... sad but true... Time to get out!!!

  8. I just might pop my head in there just to tell them why I won't be eating there.

  9. Anonymous11:02 PM

    This is a line of crap. Why is this permitted to happen?
    These items are not a necessity.