Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Jimmy Carter says...

Ah, yes. Jimmy Carter is now whining that he'd have won in 1980 if he'd been more manly.

Yeah, yeah...and John McCain would have won in 2008 if Barack Obama had been white.

And America would have won in both years if Carter and Obama hadn't been such total unmitigated losers who still fail to understand America's greatness.

Still wanna play the "if" game, Jimmy?


  1. IF the majority of voters had an IQ in double digits (three digits? Naw, that's asking TOO much), plus had the ability to read at a first grade level, Carter and Obama would NOT have been elected.

  2. Concur with JPD... They voted for handouts, not reality...

  3. Yeah, you make fun of Mr. Peanut, but you gotta remember, he looked Mr. Swimming Rabbit in his steely eyes, splashed water on him with his paddle, showed that hare who was boss.

  4. Dear Jimmy - A nuclear Iran run by nut job mullahs who think it's OK to create mayhem in order to bring about their idea of the End Times is going to kill a whole bunch more innocent civilians than you would have had your acted decisively at the time. Gawd. "Peace in our time!" And then things like Dresden became necessary.

  5. The more I think about James Earl Carter, Jr. believing he had a snowball's chance in Hell of defeating Ronald Reagan, I realize it's not hubris, but abject delusion. After his record in four years at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, he proved he wasn't qualified to shine RWR's shoes...

  6. Anonymous7:10 PM

    +1 The Donald