Thursday, October 02, 2014

So I'm driving into work this morning...

and I'm pissed, because I got a late start. Now I made most of the lost time up through "creative driving", but then I wound up hitting the drive-through coffee spot half a second behind some jerkwater in a minivan who placed an order and then pulled up to the pick-up window and just sat there, waiting, for SIX MINUTES! Now I and others behind me are also forced to wait due to the high curbs that prevent us from just chucking our orders and driving away, so all I can do is curse and beam hate-waves at this guy for SIX MINUTES while I wait for a FREAKING CUP OF COFFEE, all because this ass-monkey ordered a bag of breakfast sandwiches and INSISTED that they be made fresh, according the trained food-hander-outer at the window.

Now I'm pissed at this guy for being such a thoughtless jackass when he could have just as easily parked and gone inside to wait on this order, but I'm also cheesed at the lazy slobs at the drive-thru who couldn't be bothered to tell this chowderhead to pull ahead fifteen feet and let the rest of us get our simple orders and be gone. I mean, God forbid that "Double-wide Bertha" at the window actually have to walk this guy's sack of sandwiches out to him...far better that me and everyone else in line line sit and cool our heels, because hey--we're only on the way to our jobs, right? So what if we're late?

And yeah, when I got to work, I looked up the drive-thru and hit both their website and their corporate site with a complaint only slightly less strong than this one. Bad customer service exists because too many people are willing to take it. And tomorrow, I'll get my coffee at the gas station across the street.


Another breath.

Better now.

Anyway, just a bit later, I'm getting texted at 5AM by my mother, who is just getting to bed after a night spend clubbing reading Old NFO's first book "The Grey Man--Vignettes", which I sent her on Kindle yesterday. (It's on special this week, so check it out.) She apparently could not put it down and stayed up all night reading it. She said that she hasn't read a book that good in a long time and begged for anything else that he writes.

Well, coincidentally, he did write another one, and it's just now out: The Grey Man--Payback. And her new Kindle copy is enroute to her as I type this. And my hard-copy version is on it's way here to complement my copy of the first book (which I seem to have misplaced...)

Anyway...Buy this book.

If you bring your copies to next month's blogshoot in eastern West Virginia, I suspect that the author will sign them.


  1. One word for you Murphy, Keurig. It's super fast, you make it by the cup so there is no waste, and best of all, you don't have to rely on everyone else in the drive thru having the same sense of urgency that you feel.

    Ask Santa for one for Christmas. They even make a "mini" if you only want a small one.

    1. Who would ever want a "small" coffee?

    2. Indeed ML! =)

  2. Boy do I know that feeling... LOL And yes, I'll be more than happy to sign any books folks bring!

  3. My daughter can do 4 of those Keurig things in the time it takes me to brew one big honking pot. (she has a Glock too, as her primary, but she's my kid and I love her).

    I was SO happy to be a beta reader for this, not for the grammar but the forensic bits. It is an incredible read, better than about anything I picked up at an airport "best sellers" paperback display on my way to somewhere.

  4. I'm a little sleep deprived myself after reading The Grey Man late last night.