Monday, October 27, 2014

Marylanders! Vote for Larry Hogan and there will be AR-15s everywhere!

Or so warneth his opponent for Governor, Anthony Brown, gun-hater and Friend of Obama.

Don't know about you, but when I saw that ad, my first impulse was to move to Maryland just to vote FOR Hogan.

I'm thinking that this ad isn't exactly going to help Brown out in the majority of Maryland where all of the non-liberals live. But then when you don't have any sort of record of positive accomplishments or any sort of plan for if you win, maybe this is the best that Brown can manage. Well, that and claim that your poor campaign performance notwithstanding, anyone who doesn't vote for you hates black people.

Good luck, Larry Hogan. Maryland gun owners, if you screw this one up...


  1. Unfortunately, Maryland's concentrated population areas are liberal.

    There really isn't any reason you can't vote in Maryland - except maybe that you aren't dead or an illegal. Incidences of votes for Republicans being moved to Democrats have already started coming in. Funny, isn't it, that there never seem to be any reports of votes for Democrats being moved to Republicans with those electronic machines?

  2. Yeah, Brown is playing the raciss card hard...

  3. Anonymous11:20 PM

    I would vote for Hogan for an AR or two

  4. Yeah. I'm voting for him, and I know a lot of dems who think he's far better than Brown. But I'm doubtful he can beat the margin of fraud.

  5. Reports of vote flipping from Republican to Democrat by the machines now in from 12 MD counties.

  6. Oh, well. I'll vote for him anyway. But I wish doing so would get me something better than a dang AR.