Monday, October 27, 2014

Six Days to the Blogshoot

Blogshoot is still on for Saturday. weather sunny, with a high of 50, so bring a sweater and/or a jacket.

And aside from Keads' bowling pin shoot and Larry the Historian's .50 Barrett, I'm thinking that we still need something more to make it fun.

So I'll put up a nominal prize to whoever brings--and fires--the most interesting firearm, to be determined by consensus of the other shooters.

I will exempt myself from consideration, but all others are invited to bring the interesting.

PS--rumor has it that Nancy wants to try the pin shoot with her muzzle loader. That sounds fascinating, but our regular shot timer will obviously be inadequate for scoring such a weapon so I'll be going to the store today to buy a calendar.


  1. Anonymous10:34 AM

    Two Words: Sun Dial

  2. Nancy would be entitled to whack you in the shin with her muzzle-loader. And an experienced smokepole shooter can fire three times a minute ... if they don't fall asleep in-between. :)

    So maybe an egg timer ..?

  3. I wait with interest to see who garners the prize.

  4. I'll bring a sundial. I'm no expert, and I'd like to leave with my fingers still attached, thank you. :-)

  5. Heh. Make him compete using YOUR black powder rifle, Nancy.

  6. LOL
    That was a good one.

    Wish I could be up there this year.

  7. Hourglass might be more accurate... :-)

  8. Hey! I'm only bringing ten pins, OK?

  9. Have fun all-y'all, wish I could come and hang with youse but I'm a half-world away.

  10. I guess Brendan and I will be considered boring if based on what we bring to shoot. I don't think we have an interesting boomer betwixt us.

    Need to know two things please:

    Can we shoot at binary explosive targets at the range we will be using?

    The address of the range again please, I cannot find it.

    Glenn B

  11. Have a great time! Sounds like a fun event!