Monday, November 17, 2014

Ferguson, Mo. verdict coming

The Grand Jury verdict is coming out this week. The usual suspects are salivating over the thought of looting more liquor stores and hair care emporiums and outsiders by the busload are heading in just to scream and throw things at police. Obama, the "great uniter" himself, has met with some of the mob leaders, and rather that talk them down, he's encouraged them to "stay the course".
And the police and the National Guard are getting set to go into harm's way to protect the few good people who are left.

In a stunning display of arrogance, the leftist mob leaders have demanded that the police adhere to a set of rules that the mob leaders decided among themselves, rules that guarantee that the mayhem will not be quelled and the guilty will not be punished. And I for one do not want to see that sort of capitulation by the police. The police are the good guys here and I want the good guys to win. I'm all about the First Amendment and free speech, but the moment that the knuckle-draggers and the trust-fund anarchists start getting violent or destructive, I want to see the police come down on them in a fashion that would win the approval of Bull Connors himself. I want them to fall on these hooligans so hard that the Israeli army and the South African police will be shocked and impressed. I want every single scumbag who throws a bottle or a rock or busts a window to leave the area with injuries and a criminal conviction, and when convicted, I want to see them go to a prison where the staff consider Brubaker and The Shawshank Redemption to be training films. I want to see them go to one of Sheriff Joe Arpaio's tent city jails.

Anything less sends the message that we as a society will tolerate the kind of crap that they've been pulling for months, and that message will only encourage more of this sort of lawlessness. But if these punks are put down so hard that their dead ancestors feel the beat-down in whatever "great beyond" that they've gone to, then maybe we'll see at least a partial swing back towards civility and respect for one another, because if basic morality isn't enough to make people act nicely towards one another these days, maybe we need a return to good old-fashioned justice that really hurts and makes would-be bad actors fear the consequences of their planned criminal behavior.

Stay safe and keep the peace, cops and guardsmen. Respect the rights of all to peaceably assemble and speak out, but if they break bad, bust their heads wide open.


  1. In 100% total agreement with how the looters, etc should be treated.

    However. The last 40 (or more) years of our justice system giving slaps on the wrist will be the outcome. if that much. Watch the police be spectators to looting and violence once again. The "get tough" governor is blowing hot air. Politics 101. Circus and free food for the masses.

  2. 18 U.S.C. Section 2101 is the Federal rioting statute. Those who cross state lines to riot should be prosecuted.

    But this time, put them before Judge Judy and not Judge Julius Hoffman.

    And, by the way, is Governor Jay Nixon's declaration of emergency for real, or is it just more palabra? If he really has any baytzim he will give a "Shoot to Kill" order. But don't hold your breath.

  3. Agree with JPD and EO... sigh...

  4. Anonymous12:01 PM

    I say send a few of these scum bags out in body bags

  5. There should have been a beat down the first time - the leniency just encouraged a second round. It's like being nice to Iran - they are just laughing and planning their next move. But considering the current temps, at least there now is the option of using fire hoses as a discouragement.