Monday, November 17, 2014

Woken by the Belle

It's morning again.

How do I know? Because at the first hint of the dawn, Miss Memphis Belle gets up from her dog bed, gently glides over to the side of my bed, then leaps up, plants her front paws on my bed, and commences to lick my face. When I push her away, she begins batting at me (inevitably striking me in the face) and making her happy "Ar, ar, ar, ar, ar....." noise that is normally cute but when you're half asleep and planning to sleep in, it's like fingernails on a blackboard combined with an air raid siren.
A loud "NO!" and a good shove gets her to stop and she goes back to her dog bed, but a minute or two later, the first time that I so much as turn my head to look at the clock, she gets up, runs over, and starts it all over again. This continues until I finally get up.

Meanwhile, on his dog bed, Murphy is still comfortably curled up, snickering.
So I get up, let the dogs out, put their breakfast in their dishes, let them in (standing back from the doorway to avoid the pre-breakfast stampede) and then they gobble their food and GO BACK TO BED!

Now I'm the only one in the house that's still up and awake, and I'm the only one that really planned to sleep in until a reasonably decadent time. These two idiots, on the other hand, will sleep until dinnertime.

All I'm saying is that hamsters don't do this sort of stuff every morning.


  1. Heh... Dogs have 'their' clock... They don't give a crap about YOUR clock...

  2. Close (and lock) your door.
    Feed them the night before...

    Remember - you are the pack leader. They LUVS you!


    1. Closing the door won't help. They sleep in my room. And they get fed before bed already. They're just jerks.

  3. I'd laugh except Perry tends to do the same thing and he doesn't need to go out in the morning.

  4. At least you did your duty -- even if you had to be goaded to do it.

  5. Hey, it beats what Scooter used to do: nose open my bedroom door (it didn't latch closed), then jump up on my bed, making sure to land square in the middle of my chest.

    Of course, with a Bichon, that's an annoyance. With a German Shephard, I'm pretty sure that would be fatal.

  6. Just asking a question:
    Does she do it because she was mistreated in the past and needs to reassure herself that you're still there to take care of her?

    1. Hard to tell. She's had at least two owners before me, one who appears to have taken good care of her and given her some training, and the last one, who did not, letting her medical problems go and then abandoning her. She's got separation anxiety when I leave, and this is ironic, as I got her to help Murphy deal with his own separation anxiety. But when I'm home, she's very clingy and just wants to be near me at all times.

      Murphy was just like this after I took him in, but after a while, he mellowed, so hopefully this is just a phase that she's going through and she'll grow out of it.

    2. I'm no dog whisperer, but it seems like she's not really sure of her situation yet. Hopefully, she'll mellow in time.
      I knew a family who adopted a six-year-old from Russia. It took them a year to break the kid of the habit of taking food off the table and hoarding it in his room. He couldn't believe that his next meal was guaranteed.

  7. Yeah, but dogs're still the best deal out there.
    With every 10 cents of aggravation you get back 600 dollars of love.

  8. Anonymous12:04 PM

    Amen Old NFO