Thursday, November 20, 2014

Jay Leno backs out on SHOT show.

Anyone who was expecting to see Jay Leno at January's Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) show in Las Vegas might well want to make other plans for that night, because he just backed out after the gun-hating harpies began to harrass him.

Jay Leno cancels gig for pro-gun group located near Sandy Hook Elementary School after victim’s daughter speaks out

This time, the issue blew up when professional victim Erica Lafferty, who is now riding her fifteen minutes of fame for all it's worth since her mother, Dawn Hochsprung, was killed by deranged psycho Adam Lanza at Sany Hook Elementary School, decided unilaterally that Jay Leno should not be speaking to other Americans who do not share her extremist anti-gun point of view. She began agitating and holding press conferences and the Leno camp folded and backed out, pretended not to know that the National Shooting Sports Foundation that hosts the SHOT show was about...wait for it...shooting.
“Jay was asked to do what was positioned as a sportsman show, and when he found out it was a pro gun lobby show, he cancelled,” Leno’s spokesman Bruce Bobbins [said].
Yeah, ok. Whatever. If you're going to back out because a handful of hysterical women and liberal girly-men start wringing their hands, that's your choice. But please don't insult us by saying that you didn't know what the event was about.

Of course Lafferty had to get her plug in for her fellow gun-haters:
Lafferty urged Leno to take his cues from fellow comedians Sarah Silverman, “Tim & Eric” star Tim Heidecker and recent “Tonight Show” guest Kurt Braunohler who performed Tuesday night in Los Angeles at a benefit for Moms Demand Action and, the gun safety banning group backed by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.
First of all, I had to scratch my head and ask who two of those gun-hating "comedians" even are. Silverman I've heard of, but she's about as funny as dog vomit on a white rug because she continually confuses her extremist liberal political ideology with the comedy that she's paid to do, which is why over half of America changes the station every time she comes on the TV. Frankly, if those three are the best that the anti-gun/anti-freedom/anti-Constitution Left can come up with, I can't get that worried about them. I mean, our side still has the Founding Fathers and the Constitution on our side, plus a few A-list celebrities of our own if that's actually what sways people these days.


  1. Considering how much money Jay has, and the fact that he's Retired, so he doesn't have to kiss Hollywood Ass, it sounds to me that if he REALLY wanted to speak at the SHOT Show, he'd just grow a pair and do it.

    In other Words, you're either a Supporter of the RKBA or an Obstructionist. Pick a Side.

  2. Yeah, why should Leno care - nobody can touch him.
    Hollywood weener.
    That's the problem with fair-weather support. It collapses right when you start needing it.

  3. They came out and said Jay hadn't been paid, but oops... NSSF has the proof he'd been paid 82K (Half of his fee)...

  4. Wonder what he'll do when the enviroturds start coming after his car collection?

  5. Anonymous10:59 PM

    Jay it is real simple either you are for us or against us in the RKBA.
    I am an out of touch old fart as none of those names mean squat to me.