Friday, November 28, 2014

What's Good for the Stalkers...

One of the seamier aspects of the whole Leftist mess in Ferguson, MO has been the relentless stalking of Officer Darren Wilson by some members of the media. One who has been among the worst of these media stalkers is Julie Bosman, writer for the New York Times. Going by a search of her recent bylines, it appears as if she's pretty much devoted her energies exclusively to shadowing Officer Wilson and posting every rumor about him and as much of his personal information as she can find. It doesn't seem to matter to her that he's not been accused of any crime. No, he was actually the vicitim in this case, the victim of an unprovoked attack by a drug-smoking store-robbing savage named Mike Brown, who had the bad judgement to attack an armed police officer. Brown wound up dead and other savages have been running amuck, attacking people and destroying public and private property all across the country (but primarily in places where liberals dominate).

Now no reputable reporter or news agency would ever deem it proper to post a rape victim's home address, or the typical survivor of a serious assault. That sort of thing would be beyond the pale and decent society would be outraged. But no one can accuse Julie Bosman of being reputable (or the New York Times of being much of a news agency) because she ferreted out officer Wilson's marriage license and put his new home address in one of her yellow-journalistic screeds, and her hack editors saw no problem with it, approving it for publication.

So I figure that if crime victims and/or police officers who just do their jobs can have their information made public by sensationalism-seeking "journalists", those same journalists are probably fair game for the same sort of thing. So, joining bloggers like Mr. Garibaldi and, I wish to help anyone who has a real or imagined grudge or just wants fifteen minutes of fame by giving the the addresses of Julie Bosman and her henchman, Campbell Robertson.

Julie Bosman can be found at 5620 N Wayne Ave #2, Chicago, IL 60660. Click the link for a nice picture of her place.
Campbell Robertson can be similarly located at 1113 N Dupre St., New Orleans, LA 70119.

And if you happen to find yourselves in those areas, they look like this:

I don't get to Chicago or New Orleans terribly often these days, but if anything happens to Officer Wilson or his home, I may have to make it a point to visit both cities, just to express my disdain in a manner that would make the typical Ferguson protester proud.


  1. Turn about IS INDEED fair play!


  2. Well done! Sadly I'm on the road and can't participate...

  3. E-mail address's so we can compliment them on their choice of lodging.

  4. What vile and despicable pieces of two-legged filth, I hope they get it good and hard.

  5. Anonymous6:02 PM

    I am going to post this on my blog

  6. There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY these two posted Wilson's address not knowing the trauma it would cause.

  7. Since I live so close to just let me know if/when action is needed ;)