Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Morning Shenanigans--The Murph Strikes Back

So it's morning. I put the dogs out in the run for a bit. I go back into the kitchen and fill the dog bowls with food, and after a suitable time, I go back to the door to let them in.

There's only one dog there. Belle has gone over the fence yet again.

So I let Murphy in, and I give a shout for Belle, knowing that she will just come to the kitchen patio door to get back in. Murphy and I walk into the kitchen, and sure enough, Belle is already at the patio door, waiting.

Murphy, the eternal opportunist, takes one look at Belle on the other side of the door, and then he walks over to HER bowl and begins eating her breakfast right in front of her. And yes, it was deliberate; he had to walk several feet past his own dish to get to hers.

Belle. Goes. Insane.

I wish that I could have gotten pics or video of Belle, up on her hind legs, banging on the window with her front paws while barking dog curses at Murphy.

Needless to say, a bit of canine finessing was required as I booted him back to his own food and brought her in, careful to ensure that she didn't rush over and give Murphy the tune-up that he had coming. Belle takes her food very seriously indeed.

But the crisis moment passed. Belle came in, stared daggers at Murphy, then went to her bowl to eat what was left of her breakfast while hopefully realizing that had she been at the right door at the right time instead of leaving the run, she'd have been able to come in and get her food before someone else took it.

And yes, I did give her a bit extra to make up for what Murphy took.

And now that breakfast is over, they're out on the deck, playing nice together, with the incident apparently forgotten.



  1. Anonymous2:53 PM

    Shame on you Murphy, you need to be kind to the ladies do not eat their food

  2. Too funny!

    Just gave my two Shedders rawhide bones. They're now busily stealing from each other. Must have swapped bones six times already, and the night's still young.