Friday, January 02, 2015

More wonderful dog antics

A couple of weeks ago, I bought a floor lamp from Wally World, and after getting it home, realized that I actually didn't need it. So it stayed in it's box, and I was debating whether to bring it back or keep it (or give it to someone as a faily lame Cristmas gift), and in the meantime, it's been doing double duty as a "blocking item" to keep Belle out of my big puffy leather chair in my living room. Belle loves to nap in that chair, but leather furniture and dog claws don't mix, so I usually set something in the chair to deny her access to it.

Well this morning, I saw a bunch of paper shreds at the base of the chair, and sure enough, the corner of the lamp box had been chewed off. Apparently *someone* decided that it might be a good idea to try to pull the box our of *her* chair, and in the process of trying and failing, she nibbled off the corner of the box.

I guess that it's not going back to the store now. (I wonder who has a birthday coming up who might like a lamp?)

Seems to me that the reason that I got a second dog in the first place was to keep the first dog out of trouble. By and large, it's worked, but how do I keep the second dog out of trouble? And don't say a third dog.

And for what it's worth, I've pretty much concluded that Belle was solely responsble for the cocoa incident last night as well. At least she was the only one with cocoa on her muzzle and chocolate on her breath, and the box was torn up by her rug, not Murphy's.

Anyone want a really cute female GSD?

"Haters gonna hate!"

Additional: I get home this evening and everything that I'd put in the chair to keep Belle out was on the floor...and the chair was still warm. Looks like Miss Memphis Belle has definitely set her sights on my chair as her preferred nap spot in my absence.

I'm going to win this one though. Not sure how, but I'm going to win.


  1. C'mon, imagine if you could have Lagniappe back for just a day if you were willing to put up with a shredded box and a cocoa mess. Hug both of your dogs for me.

    1. Oh, I know. I bitch about 'em, and I threaten to trade 'em, but they've got a forever home here and they know it.

      I seem to recall posting Lagniappe for sale on this blog at least once, too.

      Oh yeah. Here it was:


      Sure do miss that guy.

    2. What about when he drank your whiskey and got plastered and fell down the stairs. Weren't you going to sell him then too? That has to be the funniest Lagniappe story I ever read.

  2. You might consider a cover for the chair, for when you aren't using it. I mean a custom(?) fitted blanket sort of thing. It would have to be contoured to the chair, so it would be unlikely to be pulled off, yet allow her to fit on it. If she can't get on it, she'll continue to work at whatever is obstructing her. Remember, she has all day to work at it!

    Is it possible it's the leather that is part of the attraction? Maybe check with a leather shop to look into what it would cost to have a bunch of scrap leather pieces assembled into a cover for her. (sort of a Josephs Coat of Many Colors)

  3. Sounds like she is acting out from boredom. Maybe she needs more walks?

  4. I know it's not funny, but it IS funny... and I'd get them both those Kongs.

  5. Hey Murphy,

    Will might be on to something....or if she is insisting on siting or napping on your chair, a blanket or something to keep her claws off the chair...and hamsters will just shred newspapers everywhere......kinda like them two......

  6. Put her dog bed in the chair.

  7. I'm thinking that it's more of a pecking order thing among the dogs. The chair is mine when I'm home, and I'm the boss, so when I'm not home, Belle is asserting claim to "the boss chair" because she's the boss dog. I've been seeing more squabbling between the two of them since we came back from our Christmas trip so I'm suspecting that there's another dominance/submission issue working itself out and her claiming my chair in my absence is her way of telling him that when I'm gone, she runs the house.

  8. We all do bad things, from time to time. Even dogs. Even ferrets!

  9. Anonymous4:06 PM

    Sounds like Belle wants to be Queen of the chair

  10. Oooh. You're doomed. Trust me on this one.