Sunday, February 22, 2015

Attorney Todd Levitt, More Proof That A Lawyer Who Represents Himself Has a Fool For a Client.

In Michigan, a rather thin-skinned lawyer by the name of Todd Levitt sued a 21 year old college kid for making fun of him on Twitter...and lost.

‘Badass Attorney’ Todd Levitt Loses Libel Suit, May Need New Sense Of Humor

Levitt, an attorney who appears to make his living by hanging around Central Michigan University and soliciting minor criminal defense cases from college kids who get in trouble, has marketed himself to the college kids by describing himself as a "bad-ass attorney" on social media and posting about his own fondness for using alcohol and marijuana.

Real professional, right?

At some time last year, a college student named Zack Felton, age 21, put up a parody Twitter account that made fun of Levitt and his plea-bargain mill sole-practitioner law firm, apparently in response to some of the dopey things that Levitt himself posted on Twitter and Facebook. Felton made it very clear that his site was NOT intended to be anything other than a parody of this Saul Goodman wanna-be lawyer and even posted multiple disclaimers telling people as much.

Levitt, not amused, shook his fist in the air and screamed out the battle cry of the modern American Liberal: "I'll SUE you!"

And sue he did. You can read the entire filing here.

The case made it as far as the courtroom of the Honorable Paul Chamberlain, who looked at the facts of the case, including the fact that young Mr. Felton made it very clear that his site was NOT intended to be anything other than a parody of this Saul Goodman wanna-be lawyer and even posted multiple disclaimers telling people as much. Judge Chamberlain then looked deep into his law books and found a little thing called "The First Amendment to the United States Constitution". Applying that, he determined that young Mr. Felton had a right to publicly lampoon Levitt and his alleged practice of law, and he then tossed Levitt and his frivolous lawsuit right out of court.

Levitt is now claiming that he will appeal.
"This is not the end of my case," Levitt said. "It's just the beginning. In some ways, this is a case of first impression that needs to go up to (a) higher court."

Yeah, Todd. You're right. No one has ever litigated that First Amendment before. I'll bet that the Supreme Court tosses that whole Constitution just as soon as they take up your case.


Meanwhile, Felton's parody Twitter account, which hadn't posted in months, jumped back to life after the court ruling.
"Motion for summary disposition granted," he wrote. "Levitt v. Felton is over. Parody lives on!"

Another Tweet took one last jab at the attorney.

"Rough day at the office," Felton wrote. "Lost another case... maybe the new 'Better Call Saul' will give me a boost."

If I ever get in legal trouble in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, I'll be sure to call Attorney Todd Levitt...and ask him for Zack Felton's phone number.
Disclaimer: This is not an actual picture of Todd Levitt.

This is Todd Levitt.

Oh--and during discovery, he was forced to admit that he created a website appearing to rate lawyers and used it to give himself an award for being "College lawyer of the year", which he then used in his own advertisements.

Mt. Pleasant lawyer suing student admits to fake award, marijuana tweets

I'd call him a jackass again, but we're to the point now where it would be considered jackasses.


  1. Sure, the second picture is the guy - but would anybody recognize him from that direction? ;-)

  2. Heh. Saul, on the other hand, wins.

  3. What's lower than whale s**t... Lawyers... And this guy is on the bottom of the 'pile'...

  4. Talk about a Streisand effect.

    Pity he didn't have a sense of humor instead of coming across as a litigious idiot. Even worse, he's coming across as a litigious idiot that should have darn well known his case was frivolous.

    He's one of the 97% of Lawyers that gives the remaining 3% of us a bad name.

  5. Anonymous9:01 PM

    Major Rufus Cobb: [he goes out into the newspaper office] Roy!
    Roy: Yes, sir?
    Major Rufus Cobb: Take an editorial on lawyers.
    Roy: Liars?
    Major Rufus Cobb: That'll do. We'll begin easy.
    [he begins to dictate]
    Major Rufus Cobb: Paragraph: If we are ever to have law and order in the West, the first thing we gotta do is take out all the lawyers and shoot 'em down like dogs 1939 movie . Jessie James

  6. It's been a while, but here's a Todd Levitt update: