Sunday, February 22, 2015

The storm has passed

The latest winter storm has gone on by, leaving us here with not quite a foot of new white stuff. I got out and shoveled the drive yesterday twice while it was still coming down, so this morning's clean-up was a snap. Had to get it all down to bare driveway, as today looks to be the last day above freezing for a while and I want a driveway, not a toboggan run, so the ice and snow have to go.

I put the dogs out on the front deck to watch, and Belle, as is getting to be a habit with her, climbed over the front deck gate and came down to "help".
Sigh. At least she stays close by while I'm working.


  1. Other than it being zero degrees and below much of the last week, no new snow along Lake Michigan. Abby is thoroughly enjoying rolling in it though, until Mom is cold enough she has to come back inside.

  2. Wondered how much we got. The wind was blowing it around so that it was hard to tell. I'm thinking I got 10, which compacted down to 8 with the rain.

  3. At least she can't quite undo your efforts at shoveling snow like she could if you were piling up leaves. :D