Sunday, February 08, 2015

Dumb Woman Gets Herself Locked In Store's Gun Safe.

In Pennsylvania, the gene pool almost got a bit clearer yesterday as a woman let her kids lock her inside a gun safe on display at a local Tractor Supply Co. store.

Woman rescued after locked in gun safe

And this is why stores can't leave gun safes open for the grown-ups to look at.

Here we have a store that caters to the self-reliant farm types, and some airhead ambles in with a few of her children and proceeds to "play a game" in this store that ends with her being locked in one of the store's display safes, necessitating the fire department to respond and cut her out.

OK, partial blame to the store for not having the combination of that safe on hand, but still...

Now the store is out an expensive safe (those fireproof ones aren't cheap) and Lurline or whatever her name is is probably burning up the free minutes on her Obamaphone trying to find a cheap lawyer willing to step forward and fill her pockets with more of that store's cash. And meanwhile, the rest of us who actually shop for gun safes have to learn to be content to just see the outside of them in stores or look at their interiors in catalog pictures, because stupid people like this one cause stores to rethink their policies of just leaving the safes open so actual safe customers can see them.

OH--this news story has a bit more about it:

Woman rescued from safe at Tractor Supply Co.

It seems that the dim-bulb who caused this mess was 33 year old Rachel Mitchell of Germantown, Maryland. (A Marylander...figures.)

It also explains that the battery on the store's combination lock was dead, but rather than change the battery, a store employee pried the lock off with a prybar, basically making it impossible to open. So apparently this store not only allows stupid people to shop there, it hires a few, too.


  1. Somewhere P.R. flacks are drowning their "oh &*%^" job with adult beverages.

  2. Sheesh - prying the keypad off? Most digital safes keypads have a provision for backup power. We had two Teller Assist machines (think of them as ATMs for the tellers), one of which had a short in the [industrial grade] keypad, so that any battery would deplete within 2-3 hours after installation. Nonetheless, the keypad had contacts for holding a 9V battery on it to override the dead one. We never had it serviced, since it was already budgeted to be replaced with newer technology, and the only time the teller supervisor needed to get into the locker was to refill it, not for dispensing.

  3. Anonymous2:55 PM

    Nature kills it's mistakes.

  4. Anonymous4:05 PM

    It is a shame Darwin did not catch up with her.

  5. Nothing is idiot-proof in the hands of an idiot.

    1. Everytime man attempts to make something idiot proof, God laughs and makes a bigger idiot.

  6. Yeesh... dumbassery X 2...