Saturday, February 21, 2015

M855 Arrives.

Over the last couple of weeks, the blogosphere and internet gun forms in general have been abuzz with outrage over the Obama Administration suddenly deciding that M855 62gr. 5.56mm ball ammunition is suddenly "armor-piercing" for the purpose of a ban on further production or sale of this great low-cost target-shooting round, allegedly because it has no "suitable sporting purpose".


Hey--if you can't take the guns away from the American citizens, you take their ammo, right?

Well I was immune from the panic for a bit, until I noticed that supplier after supplier of this ammo, that was cheap and plentiful until the buzz started, was disappearing faster than the words "radical Muslim" from an Obama speech. I then casually checked my own ammo locker and realized that I didn't actually have but a couple hundred rounds of this stuff as I tend to stick to either 55gr. ball for 5.56 or .30 rounds, a different animal entirely. So, not wanting to be the only kid on the block without any M855, because even I have my sheep-like "follower" moments, I snarfed up a few of the last-remaining cans being offered at "normal" prices. (Yes, Mom...if all my internet friends jumped off a bridge tomorrow--or moved to Texas and started a secession movement--I'd jump/move too.)

So here's what the UPS fairy brought me. 1260rds of green-tip Lake City on strippers.

And for those of you who would like to weigh in on this proposed ban before it's enacted, BATFE has an open comment period and citizens can write in with their thoughts on this by following the instructions in this NRA-ILA alert.

Just please, for the love of God, follow the advice of the Great Tam and do not send in some obscenity-filled, poorly-spelled rant that makes you (and the rest of us) look like some sort of retarded Ron Paul follower. That's not exactly persuasive and it doesn't help our side.


  1. If Hillary is elected, the ban will continue. If a Republican is elected, it will be for sale again -- then again, I don't know where the Republican front runners stand on this.

    The only thing that you can fairly say about Obama is that he moves firearms and ammo off the shelves and into the hands of American "minutemen" at a remarkable rate.

  2. Obama is on track to win salesman of the year again... sigh

  3. It never hurts to buy more ammo. If the AFT is thwarted in it's designs, you'll still have the ammunition and that's a very good thing.

  4. I actually owe Obama and his clowns my thanks. I've spent so much time and effort building and maintaining stocks of ammo in so many other calibers that I shoot just for fun, that I'd never gotten around to really laying in an emergency reserve of quality factory 5.56mm stuff. Silly Rabbit...

    But that's been remedied now, whereas I might not have caught the deficit otherwise.

  5. You can never have "enough" ammo!

  6. "on strippers"