Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Another whack-job makes things tougher for normal gun owners

This time it was in Michigan where a self-described open-carry advocate decided to tote a pistol and a long gun right up to the door of a local school while classes were in session.

Area Thrown Into Panic When Man Exercises Right To Carry Weapon Near Madison Heights School

To sum it up, police responded to numerous 911 calls of an openly armed man approaching a school in Madison Heights, Michigan. They responded quickly, and found out that it wasn't another would-be school shooter this time, but merely some jack-ass who apparently decided to provoke a response by walking up to the school with two guns plainly visible for all to see.

In the end, no one got shot and no one went to jail or even got a ticket. The police handled this incident professionally by investigating it, determining that no crime was being committed and diffusing the situation, then sending the nut on his way. (Kudos, Madison Heights PD!)

But what do we have now? That's right--more news stories that make the rest of us gun owners look like nuts, and more incentive for anti-gun legislators to pass more restrictions on us all or at least refuse to relax the ones already in place. All that, just so that this guy (name will be posted when I learn it) could get his fifteen seconds of fame.

About the only good thing that I can say is that at least this time, it was not that serial police-baiter and all-around ass-monkey Kory Watkins from Texas, who, under the guise of supporting gun rights by acting like an obnoxious douche-bag, has been making a full-time job out of getting businesses in that area to ban anyone from carrying firearms on their premises while generating more negative gun press than Shannon Watts and her fake Bloomberg-supported Moms Demand Action gun-control lobby could ever hope to create.

And I'm still not convinced that Watkins and his minions aren't secretly working for Bloomberg and Watts...wouldn't be the first time that our enemies have pretended to be us just to undermine us.

As usual, just when things start looking good for us gun-folk across the states, we take rounds in the back from our own side via this Madison Heights moron and others in that radical .001% fringe who just have to act like donkeys for no good reason "because they have rights".

"Help" like that we can all do without.

Edited to add: Apparently this particular jack-ass has done this sort of thing before. From another source:
Police received “about a million 911 calls” as he man approached the school driveway, Madison Heights Police Officer Carey Spangler told The Detroit News.

Police determined the man wasn’t a threat, and charges are not expected.

“We had a citizen exercise his right to open carry, and he chose to exercise that right near the high school,” Spangler said. “He has since moved away from the area.”

Police kept the man under surveillance as he walked the approximately 2½ -mile trip back to Royal Oak.

“We’ve dealt with this individual in the past,” Spangler said. “We know of him to exercise his right to open carry.”

When Open Carry is barred by statute or when new restrictions on where all gun owners can carry are enacted, Michigan gun owners will have this guy and a few others like him to thank...hopefully with a baseball bat.


  1. There certainly are arsehats out. I believe you should be able to walk into a school while carrying open or concealed but the time and the public sentiment is not quite right for that today.

  2. Just great and certainly not helpful for Second Amendment rights in Michigan.

    In the words of Tam, the putz was carrying at people rather than just open carrying. This is especially so since it seems all he did was walk a circuit from RO to MH and back for no other reason than to have everyone look at him carrying.

  3. And I'm still not convinced that Watkins and his minions aren't secretly working for Bloomberg and Watts...

    Exactly right, ML. With the current legislature in TX, OC should be a slam-dunk, at least the version that's an expansion of concealed-carry. But with KW's and his cadre's asinine antics, there's a possibility it won't get to the Governor's (who has indicated he will sign an OC law) desk. Amazing.

  4. I swear those whack jobs are paid by the Democrats or are liberals trying to get some gun control in action. That is my theory. If I don't accept that theory, people are more stupider (that is a word) than I want to believe. Ok. Yes, they are that wacko. Idiots! I still think they are liberals.

  5. I swear, oh Momma already said what I was going to say... False flag crap again...

  6. Anonymous6:35 PM

    +1 Momma Fargo

  7. I wish that my fellow gun nuts weren't such conspiranoiacs that every time something like this happens, they go "FALSE FLAG! FALSE FLAG!"

    ProTip: Our side has its very own moronic nutters and it's our job to police them, not stick our fingers in our ears and say "No True Scotsman!"