Friday, March 20, 2015


I was all ready for work yesterday. I was showered, shaved and dressed in my work-appropriate starched and pressed dress shirt--the light blue one. I was all ready to head out the door and I was right on time with not a minute extra to spare. All I needed to do was let the dogs in from their romp in the pen.

I opened the door. Murphy ran right past me and Belle almost did, but then she stopped, came back to me, and jumed up to kiss my face, putting her paws on my chest. Her big, muddy paws...on my formerly clean starched and pressed light blue shirt.

Sigh. The shirt was trashed.

How can you kill a dog who does this to you while looking at you with big soft brown eyes and a wagging tail?

I still made it to work on time after changing my shirt, but I had to drive a fair bit faster than usual. Damned dog.


  1. Anonymous10:08 AM

    What's more important, puppy love or a shirt?


  2. You should carry a photo of her. That way if you get pulled over for speeding due to her making you late for work, you can explain why to the officer and show a picture of her cute mug and see if you can get mercy. ;-)
    (And this is why I would not make a good cop. :-))

  3. Hey Murphy,

    She is still missing you from when you played the joke a few days ago on her.....or just getting even with you....

  4. Anonymous11:02 PM

    +1 MrGarabaldi