Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Suppressor finally arrives.

Man, this thing has been in process so long that I forgot when I even bought it. I know that The Miller and I both sent our paperwork into BATFE at the same time, and he got his suppressor a month before I did. Thanks, Big Government!
It's a Gemtech Mossad II. I got it slightly used--it was an unfired demo model that just shows a touch of handling wear--and I paid far less than the MSRP for it, but wow, did it take a long time to get here.
I got it for this critter:

Mounting is insanely simple. Just unscrew the barrel retaining nut and screw the suppressor on.

Looks pretty slick.
I test-fired a couple of rounds of standard 124gr. ball ammo but it's +P+ stuff so even though the report was reduced to "hearing safe" levels, there was still a significant sonic crack to it so I decided to suspend testing on my unofficial back yard test range until I can get some new 147gr. bullets in and load them up. Hodgdon's manual says that 3.6gr. of Titegroup should boost a 147gr. FMJ bullet to 929fps, plus or minus a bit. That ought to do me just fine, and Everglades Ammo has those bullets cheap in bulk. So stay tuned, and we'll see what this puppy'll do.


  1. Very nice indeed.

  2. Awesome. Looks like great fun!

  3. Dood. I totally got a chub.
    Thanks for that.

  4. Very nice! It took me 7 months to get mine.