Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Wop! Wop! Wop! Wop!

The sun was just up this morning when I heard the rotors.

A low-flying helicopter was making passes over the Lair's AO.

What the hell? I looked at Murphy and Belle. "This has to be because of you guys. What did you two do now?"

Turns out they're just spraying for canker worms.
Right over the top. You'd think that he was spraying for German Shepherds. Murphy barked at him.
Back again. Now Belle's barking at him, too.
Does he even know that I have an M-60 with an anti-aircraft sight down here? I'm thinking probably not, or else he wouldn't give me so many straight and level passes.
Going back again, right down the road. And when I fly this low, I get in trouble How is that even fair?
They sure messed up my morning movie time, but it was fun to watch.


  1. Guido says that helicopter is being ethnically insensitive, unless it's being flown by his cousin Tony, then it's ok.

  2. Aaron beat me to it...

    I think the port boom was spraying Agent Orange and the starboard was doing aerial mapping of the Lair.

    - Double Fake Billy Ray Valentine from the grassy knoll

  3. Anonymous1:28 PM

    +1 The Donald

  4. Ha. Comments are equally as entertaining. LOL

  5. In the early 80's, they sprayed the San Jose area, for Fruit Flies. Multiple 'choppers, in formation, at that level, at night!
    Maybe 4-6 of them. Pilots were paid about $1500 each, per hour, IIRC. 'Nam vets, as no one else had the experience needed.
    I think it ran for a couple months, maybe more. 4hrs per night? Two summers in a row.

    Wow, turns out some idiots released them in '89, in retaliation for the spraying, claiming it was costing them money. Never found them. CA stopped spraying. You can google it.