Friday, June 05, 2015

Destroying your career on Facebook and other "Stupid Lawyer Tricks".

So baby lawyer Leslie Anderson (Admitted to the NJ Bar in December, 2014.) Just taught herself a hard lesson by posting stupid comments on a news forum regarding the line-on-duty death of New Jersey State Trooper Anthony Raspa, who was killed May 30th when his cruiser struck a deer and went off the road into the woods.

As flags went to half-staff across the state, and as thousands of other law enforcement officers from across the country came together to mourn Trooper Raspa and support his family at his funeral, Leslie Anderson, Douchebaguette extraordinaire, was busy posting snarky comments on the news stories about the trooper, stating that his death was "Not that sad and certainly not 'tragic'". And she didn't stop there. When other commenters expressed sympathy for the trooper's family, Anderson replied: "I agree that it is sad and heart wrenching for the family members left to suffer the consequences of the Trooper's recklessness — especially for the deer family who lost a mommy or daddy or baby deer."

And it wasn't just those two posts. She went back and forth with mourners and critics of her posts at length, Saying such things as: "Only in America is this considered a tragedy," and "The outcry and ‘thank yous’ are absurd, nonsensical, and completely unwarranted. There are people in this country and around the world dying for much less. There is nothing ‘tragic’ about this. Get over yourselves and your sense of entitlement, people."

I don't even pretend to know what this nasty troll of a girl's problem is, but she has other problems now. It seems that her Facebook and other social media pages identified her as a law clerk to Middlesex County Superior Court Judge Travis Francis, and when the public outrage over her comments got back to the court, she was suspended with pay for two weeks pending an investigation. And subsequent to that, Leslie, for whatever reason, resigned from her job entirely.

My thought is that she was probably pressured to resign, and frankly I'm good with that. I agree with Chris Burgos, president of the New State Troopers Fraternal Association, who stated that Anderson, via her blatant display of hatred for Trooper Raspa here, cannot be trusted to perform as an impartial officer of the court. Damn straight, I say.

So as it stands now, Anderson's legal career just took a chop to the knees. Normally, a clerkship is a major resume enhancer and a stepping stone towards a high-paying job. But being forced to resign from one, especially in such a public manner...well that can't be good. Frankly, I don't see too many top-tier firms looking to court her onto their partner tracks now.

Of course, this being Obama's America, I'm sure that she'll soon be deluged with offers for various "community organizer" positions with countless left-wing groups. But hopefully this story, kept alive on the eternal internet, will at least keep her out of academic, government and public policy positions, at least until she grows up.

RIP, Trooper Raspa.


  1. Yep.

    We all have the right to free speech.

    But we don't have the right to be free from the CONSEQUENCES of that speech.

  2. In addition to the family of Trooper Raspa, my concern is for two women I know, each named Leslie Anderson. I hope that their reputations do not take too much of a soiling on account of this formerly up-and-coming lawyer having the same name as they do.

  3. All her behavior was a resume enhancement for the Southern Poverty Law Center. She will find a home with likeminded pond scum somewhere.

  4. Yep. Stupid is as stupid does. However, she did write in complete sentences and used big words. I was impressed by that. I posted it on Facebook this morning and linked your post. Great post!

  5. Oh and for some reason I am not shedding a tear for the loss of her career.

  6. If she does take a slot with the Southern Poverty Law Center, I doubt she will be a favorite of the New Orleans PD.

    What a witch. A stoopid witch.

  7. Hey Murphy,

    Although she might get a job with Obama's Justice dept...We know how much a paragon of impartiality they are...

  8. Gotta agree with B... sigh

  9. Good riddence. I laid off Joe Biden when I heard his son died because DECENCY. Which is apparently a concept she fails to grasp.

  10. Twit is as twit does.

  11. Anonymous3:44 PM

    +1 MrGarabaldi

  12. No tears for McSchuster!

    RIP Trooper Raspa.