Friday, September 25, 2015

C-17 at sunset.

Happened to spot this C-17 at the airport as I was out there last night. Pity that I only ad my cell phone for pics. Still...

Turn your sound up to really enjoy it.

I was jealous of him for a minute, watching him take off any fly away. But then again, I'll be doing the same thing tomorrow flying off on a new adventure. The Lair Sitter already has the keys and the secret location of the dog treat box. But I'll be blogging as I go, so stay tuned. And those of you in the Northeast, shoot me a comment if you're near an airport and want to grab a bite.

1 comment:

  1. I hear them take off from LGB from time to time.

    The orientation of the runway to our house is such that they're almost coming right at us.

    And they sound like God's Own Hoover coming at you!

    Oh, well....only a few left to be finished, and then I won't hear them anymore unless Boeing decides to keep a modification/upgrade stuff at LGB.