Thursday, September 24, 2015

Uzi does it!

Finally it's fixed!

My otherwise reliable Uzi has been giving me fits as of late, jamming constantly with the Gemtech Mossad II suppressor attached.
It's been the source of much frustration for me and no small amount of amusement to certain sadistic people at the range (Yes, Proud Hillbilly, I mean YOU.) as this gun would repeatedly chamber but not fire the cartridges.

With the suppressor off, it ran fine. But with the can installed, no joy at all. I've had this thing to the range 6-8 times trying to solve the problem, each time tweaking the ammo, magazines, miscellaneous gun parts...nothing was working.

Finally, I shot an e-mail off to Gemtech, manufacturer of the suppressor. I got an e-mail back from Joey Harris, their Senior Technical & Customer Service guy, and he theorized that the barrel was changing position ever so slightly with the suppressor on the gun and this was causing the bolt to fail to hit the chambered rounds hard enough to set them off. He then referred me to Matt Babb at Bentwood Gunsmithing in Henderson, Nevada, and Matt patiently listened to my troubles, asked several detailed questions, and suggested that I switch the bolt out for a known military surplus bolt. Apparently Vector, this gun's manufacturer, ran short of spec bolts when they were building these guns and machined their own. It's been reported that the machining and loose tolerances on the Vector-made bolts has been the source of no small amount of trouble for Uzi owners.

Well having tried just about everything else--and having switched out every other part--barrel, spring, top cover, trigger group, etc., I went over to Uzi HQ and ordered me up a new bolt.
That quickly arrived in the mail and I installed it and test-fired it today.


I now have a sub-machine gun that can be fired without hearing protection if need be. Still noisy for a suppressed weapon due to the open bolt operation, but much, much quieter than your typical Uzi.

Thanks for your help, Matt and Joey. I'm happy again.

And yes, it will be at the Blogshoot on October 24th. If you're coming--and I hope that you are--bring 9mm ball, preferably 147 grain, and give it a try.


  1. Glad you got 'er fixed - those things are FUN!

  2. Looks Yummy! (wait, this isn't Brigid's blog...)


  3. Anonymous1:09 PM

    I am glad to hear a new bolt solved everything.

  4. Finally! :-) Great news! I'll rummage through and see what I have.

  5. 'Bout time. Your cussing could be heard clean back to town.