Tuesday, December 01, 2015

A terrorist returns

Aw, look who is back...It's Lori Berenson.

Lori Berenson, activist convicted of aiding leftist rebels in Peru 20 years ago, headed home to New York

Lori, for those of you with short memories, was one of those special snowflakes. Raised by two liberal college professors in New York, she attended prestigious private schools and was accepted into the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, but being a pampered daughter of wealthy liberals, her heart yearned for social justice, so she dropped out of MIT and headed south to support Marxist revolutionaries, first in El Salvador and then in Peru, where she wound up getting arrested for being part of a plot by the Túpac Amaru Revolutionary Movement (MRTA) to violently overthrow the Peruvian government and sent to a Peruvian prison where even her trust fund could not help her. She first got a life sentence, but she was later re-tried in 1996 and given a twenty year sentence instead. (This was the trial in which she denounced the court and screamed from the dock that "There are no criminal terrorists in the MRTA! It is a revolutionary movement!" Nice girl. Nice, repentant, innocent girl. During this time, she became a hero to the Marxist left,both for her "sacrifice" and for her continued statements against capitalism, globalism, environmentalism and all the other usual leftist tropes. She also managed to bang out a kid with another convicted terrorist. During this time, she was supported by the Usual Suspects. Jimmy Carter called for her release, Congresswoman Maxine Waters offered an amendment on the House floor calling for her to be freed (It failed, 189 to 234) and Ramsey Clark signed on as one of her attorneys. None of that swayed the Peruvians, however. They knew full well what she was and they were all too familiar with the killers that she'd allied herself with. They kept her in prison despite further terrorist attacks committed in her name by the MRTA with the avowed goal of freeing her.

Well now her time is up. She's finally been released from prison and all forms of supervisory paraole, and she's on her way back to New York City with her baby terrorist, now six years old, in tow. (I'm sure that she'll sponsor the kid's father into our country as soon as she can.) She's still an unrepentant Marxist at age 46, and she has no job and no experience other than as a leftist terrorist and America-hater. That being the case, I see her being offered a professorship by Columbia or some other leftist college in short order, just like so many other terrorists and cop killers have been. She'll also likely be deluged with offers to write articles and columns for countless leftist blogs and publications and treated as if she's just cured cancer or otherwise done something good or noble over the last couple of decades. Obama will probably meet with her too, and his long-time pals, Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, will likely not be far away. Birds of a feather, don't you know, and cockroaches like that always take care of their own.

New Yorkers, you'd do well to look at her pictures and remember that face. And if you see her at in the subway or at next year's Macy's parade, you might not want to stand too close. Especially if she's holding a big shopping bag and it's ticking.


  1. I'm sure that she will apply for welfare, AFDC, food stamps, subsidized housing and all of the other social welfare programs available...while she's building a bomb to throw.

  2. Always room for one more arschloch. God knows we have enough of them already and are busily importing more as fast as Black Jesus can arrange it.

  3. Wonder if she made the TSA no-fly list...;)

  4. She'll be quietly spirited back in, and disappear into academia... for now...

  5. May even get a job with Team Obama.

  6. Anonymous10:32 PM

    +1 Old NFO