Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Giving Tuesday

Black Friday.

Cyber Monday.

I'm already sick of the season's blatant consumerism.

Well if you're also sick of it, you may have noticed that today was designated "Giving Tuesday" across the country and it was set aside as a day when people can give to others in need instead of buy stuff.

I'm in for that this year, and I'm giving a gift to the Lung Cancer Alliance in memory of my father.

This charity gets four stars out of four from the Charity Navigator, a site that researches charities and grades them on things like how much of the money donated actually get to the programs, how much their staff get paid, etc. You can look up any charity on there by name or search for one by cause and see how they rate.

Lung Cancer Alliance looks good. And I'd rather my cash goes to them this year than some big box store and their Chinese suppliers.

Giving Tuesday. If you've been blessed at all this year, here's your chance to give something back to someone somewhere in need.


  1. Yep, Tis The Season for us to give our annual pledge to The Salvation Army, the only charity I personally give to.

    The wife also gives to St. Judes, and the local rescue mission for the homeless.

  2. A great concept! I support The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, as a lymphoma survivor...
    BUT, whatever charity floats your boat! :-)


  3. the only ones i really genuinely appreciate: Small Business Saturday and Giving Tuesday.

    1. forgot to mention: a local animal shelter usually gets my monetary donations. this year, it was this place. they're good people doing good things for dogs that need them.

  4. Soldier's Angels.

  5. I recently learned I have Leukemia so the Leukemia Research Foundation will get a donation from me. They had a four star rating