Thursday, January 07, 2016

Organized media campaign to attack the gun and ammo industry?

Ah, that New York Daily News...scaring all of the soccer moms with pictures of nasty, mean bullets being made.
Ever wonder how a bullet is made? Utah bullet factory Barnes Bullets gives an inside look at their massive production plant that takes copper pipes and turns them into lethal ammunition.

An inside look at a Utah bullet factory

Hit the link for lots of neat pics of Barnes Bullets making .300 AAC rounds for Remington. The reporter and the editors see scary things, but I just see several people working at good-paying jobs producing lawful items that other Americans want.

This is what we're going to be up against more and more, I suspect. If Obama can't bully Congress into doing his bidding, his sock puppets in the media will do their best to frighten the public into demanding the changes that he wants to make. And if it means that the Reuters, the original source for this article beclowns itself by writing about "massive" and "incredible" .300 Blackout rounds, which are "used in the M4 carbine, a rifle popular with the armed forces", then so be it.

Note to self: Buy another case of .300 rounds. From Remington/Barnes.

And the London Daily Mail has the same story for the most part, only they say silly things like: "Made to kill: 308 caliber rounds sit in a bin at Barnes Bullets. And both talk about Obama's attempts to reduce gun violence and then claim that "if elected, Trump will reverse these measures if elected.

The Detroit News is running it too. I'm sure that there are more outlets playing at this propaganda game.

Scare, scare, scare... Joseph Goebbels would approve.


  1. Yep, it's a media full-court-press for gun control.

  2. Maybe it will scare the Fudds into getting off their butts and voting.

  3. Yeah, the media and Obama with their well played antics. It's so disgusting. What about those pathetic crocodile tears he shed when trying to speak about his new Dictatorship order, err Executive order. They made sure to get that on camera. Yeah there is nothing that makes me prouder then when our pathetic Leader of the free world is literally crying about "tragedy". What the hell happened to actual tough Presidents, rather than whiney, sniveling, petulant so called "leaders"? The media is portraying us to be a country led by a bunch of giant pussies. Russia and North Korea must be laughing their asses off every time they broadcast US based news.

  4. And yet he has no tears for the THOUSANDS that kill each other in Chicago and other bastions of democratic rule, and excessive gun regulations.

  5. Not to worried. Sooner or later some Mexican Narco-terrorist or Islamic terrorist will do another deed in the USA. Bound to happen. And Obama's fallacy will be exposed once again. May take him a month to admit it was terrorism and not 'workplace violence' but it will happen.

  6. It's ALL about agenda... and we're in the bullseye... sigh

  7. Anonymous7:05 PM

    +1 Old NFO

  8. To here these liberal idiot pisswit reporters tell it, they are assembling death and destruction with every box. And they accuse us of fear mongering.

  9. Just ordered another case this afternoon!