Friday, January 08, 2016

Stolen Valor in Bundystan

Oh, what a surprise. Two of Ammon Bundy's inner circle have both been exposed as having never served, despite their claims of being former Marines.

EXCLUSIVE: Stolen valor: The militiaman bodyguard of ranchers Cliven and Ammon Bundy is falsely posing as a US Marine who served in Afghanistan and Iraq

Looks like Brian Cavalier, who goes by the moniker "Booda Bear" and dresses up in BDUs, never spent a day in a real uniform despite his claims of having served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. His only "government service" appears to have been in the form of numerous court dates for multiple DUI arrests, theft, and other unknown criminal charges in both Arizona andCalifornia.

Likewise, another BDU-wearing militia goober named Blaine Cooper stated in 2014 during a media interview that he was a Marine. This is also untrue.

Both of these slap-dick gomers are long-time Bundy volunteers and members of Ammon's leadership council.

Folks, integrity matters, especially when you claim to be fighting corruption. These guys don't have it and neither do the Bundys, who either knew of these lies or were gulled for years. Either way, any moral authority that these douchebags claim to have just evaporated like a fart in a windstorm.

Full disclosure: I never supported these guys and would show up in seconds if the government asked my help in getting them out of that public bathroom that they've barricaded themselves in. But if you supported them up until now, does this change your opinion? Are you comfortable allying yourself with posers who claim the military service that they successfully managed to avoid during a whole decade of our country fighting two separate wars with an all-volunteer force?

Unless you're a Democrat, character is supposed to count for something.


  1. There are bad apples in about every barrel. Just the bare fact that these two are slugs doesn't mean all of them are. I support the people who have stood up to BLM out there.

    Character certainly does count. I agree with you there.

  2. These two are sullying my Marine Corps. I was never in a combat zone and have never claimed to be. Well except for the EM club, but that's a story for another time.

    I do understand what they are trying to do. I do however think they are going about it all wrong. I think the Hammond's got a raw deal. The law they were sentenced under is being used by the government to punish them for the same thing the BLM does all the time.

  3. i am for the ranchers.
    bundy needs to clean house.
    what's the difference between goons, whether gov't. or rancher?
    the blm needs to be whipped into shape and the federally claimed lands in most cases need to be declared sovereign by state legislatures.