Saturday, January 21, 2017

Blue island in a red sea...

Yesterday was fun here. I had the day off so I wandered the French Quarter with the Heck Hounds. Come time for the inauguration, it was neigh impossible to find a bar TV anywhere that was showing it. Seems all of the snowflakes pressured the bar owners into keeping it off, or, as is probably the case in many situations, the bar owners and staff are crying snowflakes too.

Anyone remember the elections of four and eight years ago when many of these same people couldn't wait to shove their glee over Obama into every other Americans' face? "We won, you lost!" they crowed. "Get over it!" they told us. And now...

To quote renowned millennial commentator Nelson Muntz, " Ha, HA!"

Later yesterday, a large group of anarchist loser kids, most all of whom are undoubtedly uninvited transplants from outside of New Orleans, rampaged through the Central Business District and French Quarter and damaged quite a bit of but public and private property. (And most of the private property was statistically owned by those who did not vote for President Trump.) But the police arrested over a dozen of them and hit them with felony charges, so at least a few snowflakes are probably on the phone today, begging parents back home to do something to keep them from going to a real Louisiana prison. One was arrested for hitting a police officer with a brick. I'm seeing a trip to Angola in his future.

As is always the case with these mob scenes, losers with no jobs or futures and no skin in the game tear up property in other Lib/Dem neighborhoods because they know that if they go out into the more conservative areas, the risk of severe punishment is much more certain. (Of course if they came down my street ad started busting things, it'd get real pretty fast, too. ("Gee, officer...I have no idea how my dogs got out. I'm betting one of those anarchists opened my gate trying to steal my bikes. Can you check and see if the ones who got bit have had all their shots? I don't want my dogs getting sick.")

But I guess this is America now. Democratic elections are declared invalid and rioting and violence ensue whenever the "tolerant" Left doesn't win.

But lest we overlook the question, has anyone heard even one Democrat of leftist celebrity call for an end to this violence? Obama? Hillary? Anyone?


  1. No, not a single call for an end to it. So I'm hoping that a lot of stitches are needed for snowflake heads. And my oh my wouldn't I like to see every damned one of them off to Angola.

    And as usual with liberals, when asked about their reasons the DC protesters could only spew garbage that had no connection to facts and displayed their screaming hypocracy. Just like those downtown today for the whining women march.

  2. It truly is just the most incredible display of hipocrisy that we could have expected. Every single thing that they preemptively accused us of when they thought they had this thing in the bag, they are guilty of ten-fold. The reason that you aren't hearing a call from the celebrity losers for an end to this which should go somewhere along the lines of "stop this violence, we are better than this", is because they AREN'T better than that so there is not a darn thing they can say to them.
    Most of these "celebrities" spouting out their mouths have no fame so this is the only way they can get any. They relish this time. Like that loser Michael Moore today shouting like the idiot he is. I wish someone would tell that slob that no one gives two big macs what HE thinks and we never will.

  3. Anonymous5:08 PM

    Thanks to George Soros' rent a mobs