Saturday, January 21, 2017

Made some new friends today...NOT!

I swear, sometimes I feel like an American pilot down behind the lines in World War Two Germany. Everyone here--virtually EVERYONE--is a bright blue Liberal, and I can only walk safely among them if I don't actually open my mouth and speak.

But today, I was feeling the need to examine them a bit more closely, so I "went to the animal fair" and crashed the local Anti-Trump Temper Tantrum march to watch all of the millennials and old wash-up hippies continue to scream and cry about the results of a democratic election two months ago in which they did not get their way.

Here's a couple of the first ones I saw.
Yep. That's a dude in a dress.

Here's a real chick. Looks kinda angry.
Probably mad because President Trump won't let her duck her loans for that "Womyn's Studies" Masters Degree she got. But hey--at least Starbucks apparently gave her the day off.

And naturally, you can't have a liberal event without women dressed up like giant vaginas.
Stay classy, liberals.

Give a liberal a blank sign and some paint and vulgarity is sure to follow. They all seem to confuse that with being chic' or edgy.

This guy had days to think of something to put on his sign, and this was the best he could come up with?

Alas, bitter fat chicks with basic profanity were more the norm.

And then there was this guy...
There all by himself, too. No wonder.

This one caught my eye for a second...
But I didn't get close enough to catch anything else.

Unattractive white chick with a "Black Live Matter" sign.
There were a lot of those signs here...and every one I saw was carried by a white chick. I think there were more "Black Lives" signs than black people here. The crowd was almost entirely white and mostly young, except for a few oldsters who seem to think it's still 1968. Very few 30-50 year olds, and no one--NO ONE--who looked like they had any sort of job with any real importance.

Of course there were the "generic protesters" who think every protest is a stump for their issue.
Which of Obama's many wars do you think he's talking about?

They come in bunches, too.

Another dude.

Best argument FOR a wall I've seen. They have no idea how they turn the rest f the country off with this crap.
They do turn you folks off, right? It's not just me, is it?

At least this one's honest about having no real clue.

Another astro-turf "mom" with her professionally-printed sign and t-shirt.

Aw, this one brought his skateboard...probably because he can't afford a car at whatever coffee shop he works at.

And two more Grrls...
Ever notice how liberals are never happy? Why do you think that is? Are they unhappy because they are liberals, or are they liberal because they are unhappy?

One benefit to living in Occupied New Orleans is that they are such an assimilated leftist echo chamber that they automatically assume that everyone else here shares their views. This meas that I can move freely among them in complete long as I don't open my mouth, that is.


  1. Hey Murphy,

    You need to get a "Chit" sewn on your jacket to get you to Texas or something like that. Enjoyed the butt hurt liberal display. They don't understand that they are pissing off the rest of us.

  2. No way I could have pulled that off, my proverbial hat is off to you.

    If it were me the headline would read "Local man turns protest into riot when he had the nerve to state facts and statistics to a liberal crowd, feelers were hurt, safe spaces violated, film at 11"

  3. Such classy women they have there. It's like you are a human walking among zombies..."Walking Dead" reference.

  4. You have a far stronger stomach than I do, Murph!

    My wife's Loony Lefty friend, the minister that married us, spent the whole day here in L.A. in the rain at a Trump protest.

  5. Trump in just one day has managed to get more fat women out being active and walking than Michelle Obama has in eight years.

  6. I am shocked at the fact that Madonna makes a comment about thinking a lot lately about "blowing up the white house" and no one hauls her in to be questioned. Why does she get special privilege? And I love all these women crying foul at Trump being "unfit" and degrading to women, yet at these protest rallies which have many young impressionable girls being dragged to them, they all think it is perfectly acceptable to pepper their signs and behavior with the trashiest foul language they can muster. And no one thinks THAT is inappropriate or "unfit". The level of hypocrisy is astounding.

    1. "I am shocked at the fact that Madonna makes a comment about thinking a lot lately about "blowing (strike) up (/strike) the white house" "

      Won't accept < strike > HTML. Drat!

    2. You used the wrong symbols to get Blogger to recognize your HTML.

      You need to use "<>" instead of "()".

  7. YIKES!
    Glad I wasn't the only one to blog about this!
    I especially like the dressing as sex organs part. Stay classy!


  8. Blech. I stay away from "People" like that. They are a drain on society. The puss that runs from the rotten wound.

    1. Yeah, but if people like us don't show America what they are really like, no one will. Did you see any of the media showing pics like I took?

    2. Media? You mean Pravda? The Propaganda Ministry for the committee of Public Safety?
      Fook em

  9. Build a wall and equip it with these, but with bigger mags.

  10. Anonymous5:06 PM

    Damn you are behind enemy lines.
    Good Luck

  11. Yep, they ALL look pissed, but that's a perpetual state with them!

  12. Eeeew. I'm going to go put together another hundred rounds of 9mm to put that out of my mind.

  13. Damn. I'd go effing insane in that place.

    1. I would, but then I remember that they're all pissed off because we won and they lost, and that makes me smile.

    2. Well, there is that.

  14. You can't say if war is or is not the answer until you know what the question is. For example, if the question is "How do you stop millions of Germans bent on taking over Europe and killing every Jew they can get their hands on?, then war is a pretty good answer.