Monday, November 19, 2018

Looks like someone didn't pay their cartel tax

Mexican military and Federales have a crime scene set up just south of the fence. Seems someone decided to up and die right there. Most peculiar, that.


  1. Oops. Sucks to be them. Maybe one less packet of heroin over the border today.

  2. Interesting... Wonder where the Hummer traces back to?

  3. A lot of those dead narcos are fed to tilapia fish in cultivated ponds. The fish grow fat, are harvested and frozen and Nordamericanos buy them at Sam's Club, remarking about the great deal they got. But not this guy.

    People ask me, "is Mexico safe to travel to?" I tell them "no." Then they want to argue with me about Mazatlan or Cabo or Cancun. I say go, and wish them luck.

    Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt. Good luck with the caravan, narco snipers, etc. Shoot first and "discover the fresh body". That's my advice. Better if you're IN MEXICO with a black passport, but it works in the US too.

  4. Sick joke in the Drug-Enforcement world. Stop a large shipment? There's gonna be some dead Mexicans soon.

  5. Hey Murphy;

    I haven't wanted to travel in Mexico for many years because of the crime and corruption. Mexico isn't too friendly to Gringo's right now especially when we are used as the whipping boys by the local politicians to keep the people distracted and focused on external problems.