Sunday, November 18, 2018

Thanks gang!

I appreciate the radio info on the antenna. I knew this community would come through. I've passed it along and even though we couldn't take it with us when we hiked out, at least we shut them down. And DrJim, all the markings were pretty meticulously ground off, and the vertical pole appeared to have been painted sky blue for camo. They went to a lot of trouble to put that together and haul it up there. Looking back, I wish we'd shot it up or smashed it. I'm going to try to get an op going in the morning to helo it off there if they haven't taken it back across the fence, which they probably did since they know we found it. We'll probably see that rig again somewhere else.

Today operated in thick brush 20 miles north of the fence, trying to interdict some smugglers that Border Patrol saw on their camera tower. We missed them sadly, but BP caught up with them again farther north a few hours later. Border Patrol has these great towers scattered around with hi-res cameras, radar and night vision that can see and range damn near anything that moves. They make this a lot easier.

These I can show because they are far from secret. I just can't say where it is. There are several in this area and there should be several more but environmentalists care more about a few bushes than they do about national security, so...


  1. Glad to help, Murph. I've purchased those antennas with blue-tinted gelcoat that helps them blend in.

    I had a few friends at Boeing that worked on the "Electronic Border Wall" in AZ.

    I have no idea how big/long that section was. Boeing was the sub-contractor for installation supervision and QC.
    They had some "interesting" stories to tell.

  2. Hey Murphy;

    Thank you for the updates, and watch yourself down there, the cartel and the mexicans don't like us...and I got the impression from your post that you don't like hippies, LOL

  3. It's good, but not necessarily 'timely', when you're chasing an hour or more late... sigh

  4. Since you are the man on the scene, pack one of these: MFJ MFJ-886B, and an RF connector adapter kit. You can at least catch the freqs they use. Signal strength will give you a rough estimate of distance to target. A big soup can with a hole in the side, a few inches from the back makes a QnD (quick n dirty) direction finding antenna with the freq counter antenna poked up in it. Heck, hold it 6 inches off your chest and pirouette. Look for signal strength to fluctuate. That gives azimuth. RF is magic, it gives so much data, even if you can't decrypt the signal.... Keep safe out there.