Saturday, September 04, 2021

New Orleans. Saturday afternoon

 Volunteer aid station, one of many, set up by volunteers to distribute food, fuel, cleaning supplies, etc. (Includes gratuitous Merida picture. )


  1. Hang tough, Murph! And good on you for helping the neighbors.

    1. Once I’m sure I’ve got what I need, it’s my duty to help share and distribute the surplus. We’re all in this together until it’s over.

  2. Too bad Merida doesn't know how to enjoy the attention she gets when she's out and about - glad you and the pooches are doing OK, but I know you'll be glad when things are more back to normal and you have power.

  3. Hey Murphy;

    You got the right attitude, help your neighbor..if possible. It is the human thing to do until things get back to normal. And thanks for the gratuitous Merida shots, LOL

  4. Kudos to y'all for stepping up and helping out.