Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Dog

Because it was about 90 degrees today, I took Lagniappe to the river so that he could swim and cool off..

Happy dog.

Happy, happy dog.


  1. In this heat, I envy him!!! :):)

  2. Your dog is one of the most photogenic I've ever seen! Interesting name too--quite the little gift!
    Harper's Ferry is an amazing place--I have lots of memories of that place from my childhood.
    I found your blog to be randomly interesting, hilarious at times!
    Although I have to wonder about a guy who describes himself by the kind of girl he wants to find-- sort of like answering a question with a question!:)- J/K!
    Keep up the good blogging--and keep those doggy photos coming!

  3. he is so lucky it's only 90!
    here in OK it was 104 today with 90% humidity.
    my poor bronson....

  4. A very happy dog, indeed! :)

  5. Anonymous11:13 AM

    Looks real happy