Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More on Lynndie England...Why won't she just DIE?

"Oh, poor me, poor me! I didn't do nuthin' wrong, and now everybody's hatin' on me..."

That's the seemingly never-ending swan song of Lynndie England, the disgraced ex-soldier and unredeemable loser who was at the center of the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal in Iraq and who now haunts a trailer part in Fort Ashby, West Virginia, living on our welfare dollars and trying to cash in on the notoriety that she claims is keeping her from getting on with her sad, pathetic life. Back in the news again as she tries to gin up sympathy and hawk her new book, she reportedly wants to keep feeding America the same lies that she told the military jury that convicted her and sentenced her to a stay in prison that, for much of us, was way too short.
Christopher Graveline, the lead prosecutor at her trial and now an assistant federal prosecutor in Michigan, said England and the other defendants are free to present their side to the media.

"But they presented the same facts to the jury, and the jury rejected them," he said.

England was convicted of conspiracy, mistreating detainees and committing an indecent act, one of 11 soldiers found guilty of wrongdoing at Abu Ghraib.

The detainees in the photos involving England, for example, were not suspected terrorists, Graveline says, but some of the thousands of "Iraqi-on-Iraqi criminals'' at the massive prison. None of the men in the England photos was ever interrogated.

"The idea that she and her colleagues were working somehow for military intelligence is not supported by fact," he says.
So basically, England's scumbag baby's daddy Charles Graner was just guarding common criminals--thieves, rapists, murderers, and other garden-variety crooks--and not anyone that was actually being held for intelligence purposes. In other words, Lynndie's still lying about that, and apparently about other things as well. For example, she's still pretending that she had "no choice" but to follow orders, as if she was some sort of good, loyal soldier. However her record shows that she had a history of disobeying orders, particularly orders instructing her to stay away from Charles Grainer and his work area when he was on duty. Yet she'd been ordered to stay away from Grainer and his worksite several times, and she'd repeatedly violated those orders. According to Gary Winkler, author of her new book:
As a clerical support worker, she had no business in the so-called Hard Site at Abu Ghraib, a block of some 40 cells where the supposedly most dangerous inmates were held.

But she routinely sneaked in late at night to sleep with Graner, a hulking 6ft 3in ex-Marine in charge of the night patrol.

At the time of their affair, England was also married, to childhood sweetheart James Fike, so their relationship was against U.S. military rules.

Even after being repeatedly warned, she refused to break off with Graner and was eventually demoted.
So much for her claim that she always followed orders without question.

Winkler, who is now estranged from England, says that she's planning to sell some previously unreleased Abu Graib pictures to the highest bidder sometime in the future.

This is not someone who is honest or sorry. And lest you think I'd only speculating, I'll quote Lynndie's own words:
‘Sorry? For what I did?’ she interjects, incredulous. ‘All I did was stand in the pictures. Saying sorry is admitting I was guilty and I’m not. I was just doing my duty.’
So now unrepentant and bitter Lynndie--a girl that even her own biographer admits "isn't very deep" sits around trying to convince us all that she's the victim here (all while trying to get rich) and trying to justify her existence.
She says she submitted hundreds of resumes for all kinds of jobs, but no one would give her a chance. She stopped trying months ago and depends on welfare and her parents to get by.

She also fears for her life, though she's 4,000 miles from Iraq: "I'm paranoid about that one guy who still hates me.''

You know what, Lynndie? It's not "one guy" who hates you; it's practically every red-blooded American man and woman in this country. You disgraced our country, you dishonored our real soldiers and pissed on their sacrifices, and if you got hit by a car tomorrow, the number of people who would actually miss you are dwarfed exponentially by those of us who would smile and call it karma. I fact, if I had my way, you'd be stuffed into a sack with a dozen rattlesnakes and dropped down the closest mine shaft.

On second thought, that'd be cruel...to the rattlesnakes.

Just go away and die, you disgusting little bitch. There's no way back for you.



  1. Anonymous8:05 PM

    Hey Ding/Dong,

    You obviously took your info from the "Daily Mail" s a trash tabloid in Britian. David Jones distorted a lot of his conversation both with Mr. Winkler and Ms. England.

    But, folks like you will believe what you believe.

  2. Actually I did get it from the Daily Mail--The Charleston, West Virginia Daily Mail, as cited. It's about as far away from Britain as you are from reality--a long, long way.

    But I assume based on your ISP--which appears to originate from a location quite close to Fort Ashby--that you're a relative or family friend, and possibly one of the few people in America that doesn't have to repress the urge to vomit at the mere mention of the name "Lynndie England" or the sight of her fat little face. You believe what YOU want to believe, but I and a good number of others know better. The little pig's a liar and an attention whore and she's caused more damage to our country's reputation and our military's mission than anyone since Lt. William Calley of Mai Lai fame.

  3. Careful, Me.. You're gonna pissed off a whole West Virginia tralier park full of white-trash rednecks just like England!!
    Keep up the good work!!!! :):):)

  4. If they had driver's licenses and could afford cars, I'd worry. :-p

  5. I agree - she should just go away and die. Nobody would miss her.