Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Another reason to jail Roman Polanski...because the loony Hollywood left wants him freed.

As Roman Polanski, convicted pedophile and fugitive, sits in a Swiss jail, begging anyone and everyone to help him avoid deportation to the US after raping and sodomizing a child thirty years ago, his nutty liberal supporters in Hollywood have reportedly put a petition together demanding that he not be brought back for his long-delayed sentencing.

Ironically, the first name on the petition: Woody Allen, Hollywood's other celebrity pedophile.

Seriously folks, I can't make stuff like this up.

Filmmaker Martin Scorsese has signed it, and so have directors David Lynch and John Landis.

Whoopi Goldberg has also signed it, but then she'll do anything for the attention these days.

Most of the rest of the names thus far are second-rate French actors that few people have heard of and even less people care about. Of course all of that may change now that ACORN has been hired to circulate the petitions. In fact, no sooner did they start than John Belushi, John Candy, Patrick Swayze, Ted Kennedy, David Carradine and that little Taco Bell chihuahua all signed it.

And of course the leaders of both France and Poland have demanded that Polanski be released, because apparently in those countries, drugging and raping children is ok if you also make movies or do other allegedly cultural stuff.

That's ok, France and Poland...we'll remember that the next time that the Germans invade you. When you cry to us to save you again, we'll point out that Germany has produced some really good films, and those neat little Volkswagens, too.

If there's any justice, Polanski will not only be brought back and sentenced to prison, but he'll wind up sharing a cell with Charlie Manson, who will soon receive a package containing a shank and a note that says: "You morons missed one."


  1. These are the same assholes that want Mumia Abu Jamal freed. To hell with all of them, I hope them, Polanski, and Jamal all end up in the same room down below when their time comes.

  2. Zachariah9:12 PM

    LOL that last part was probably the funniest thing I've read all day.
    thanks for the laugh.

  3. Anonymous2:36 AM

    Not to mention wanted to free Stanley 'Tookie' Williams, probably the one man most singly responsible for transforming the culture of gang violence in the United States. Ah, that was a cultural achievement too...

  4. Did we expect any other response from those sorts of people? If it were Joe Six-Pack, they'd be up in arms and ready to slaughter him.. But one of their own!?! Why, he's just misunderstood!!

  5. Remember Whoopies words of wisdom..." it wasn't really RAPE-RAPE ".

    I guess drugging a 13 yr old with booze and druds is just plain rape. Not even rape-rape but especially not RAPE but most of all it certainly wasn't the horrid RAPE-RAPE.