Saturday, January 16, 2010


Lagniappe and I are home. Expect many updates here (and pictures) tomorrow or shortly thereafter. Much to do here tonight already, but most of that stuff is getting put off until tomorrow as well. I'm tired.

I did want to give a shout-out to the fat woman in the Mercury who was jamming up I-95 south of Richmond, VA for several miles by coasting along in the left lane, cell phone glued to her fat melon head, while keeping perfect pace with the slowest truck that she could find in the right lane as the rest of us backed up behind her and fumed/screamed/wished her dead. It was hardly a surprise that when I was able to finally get past her (because the TRUCK finally sped up), I saw that her car's rear had two Obama stickers on it. Apparently she wasn't content with just helping screw our country up, her entitlement attitude seems to have extended to also wrecking the schedules of anyone who was actually trying to get somewhere on I-95 up today.

The next machine gun I buy will have an adapter to allow it to be mounted on and fired from my vehicle, just because of inconsiderate boobs like this one.


  1. I always wanted a huge spatula mounted underneath my car.. Slide it under the offending car, flip, splat, and I'm on my way!! :)

  2. Now see I have always wanted the front scoop from a bulldozer on my vehicle that way I could just push the offenders out of my way!
    That and a machine gun mounted to the hood. ;-)

  3. Whatever happened to "Keep right except to pass"?