Monday, June 07, 2010

I will not rest...

My, how times have changed.

First Obama claimed that he would not rest until businesses were hiring.

Then he promised that he would not rest until the plotters behind the Christmas Day attempted airliner bombing in Detroit were caught. (Disingenuously, he made this promise while on vacation in Hawaii.)

Then he claimed that he would not rest until the oil in the gulf was cleaned up.

Of course then he went on vacation again to Chicago--stiffing our troops on Memorial Day--and he returned to have a big party with Paul McCartney. Now, while none of these things have been accomplished--the stock market just crashed this week-end over the dismal jobs report, the terrorist plotters are all still out there and anonymous and the oil still flows freely while wildlife continues to die, Obama and his wife went to their second star-studded party this week at Ford's Theater.

Gee, for a guy who keeps claiming that he's not going to rest until he gets something done, he and his wife sure seem to be getting a lot of rest...and having a lot of fun on the taxpayers' dime.

This is a far cry from President Bush going so far as to give up golfing during his administration because it didn't look right for him to take a few hours to relax on the links while our troops were at war. Of course our troops are still at war, and Obama's played more golf in his first year than Bush did during his entire eight.

How much longer is Obama, a man whom historians are likely to label "the most incompetent president ever" going to keep getting away with all of this high-living and goofing off while America crashes? I mean, somebody hand this guy a fiddle and a toga and break out the matches already.

Words mean things, Barky. Now get to work and start doing your job.

And to the US news media I say "thank you" for continuing to cover for this guy and carrying his water. Your complicity won't be forgotten after he's gone in 2012.

Edited to add: The staggering cost of the Obama's personal playtime is starting to get notice from foreign media, if not our own.


  1. You give historians way too much credit. They will canonize the Messiah and immortalize his every prevarication into Lincolnesque prose.

  2. Anonymous5:48 PM

    I was going to post one on this, with the title "As American on fire, Obama golfed".

    Sort of a play on as Rome burnd, Nero played.

    This man must believe that he is on vacation or something. Cause I haven't seen much from him, other than excusses.

  3. Sigh... Ed called it... Carter won't get off the hook as the worst modern president...